Rewriting Baby arc into a movie pt 1

Dragon ball GT had a lot of potential as a series and had some truly interesting ideas in it. The problem was the very poor execution and the inclusion of some very very bad arcs. Just an fyi, if you haven’t watched Geekdom’s video on this on youtube you should as he is the inspiration for this post. Now I will be rewriting the baby arc as a standalone movie for Dragon Ball Super. This arc will take place after the Broly movie and will assume the Moro stuff hasn’t happened. The movies did tend to ignore the anime and … Continue reading Rewriting Baby arc into a movie pt 1

Detective Pikachu Review

Detective Pikachu is a 2019 live- action adaptation of the 2017 video game of the same name. Video game movies have a reputation for being shallow and frankly of being quite awful. Nintendo’s most beloved properties have had disastrous theatrical records and while Pokemon is definitely not new to movie theaters, a live action version is certainly new. A pokemon story without many battles is something that I can appreciate and get behind. The main draw however, is the talking Pikachu, voiced by Ryan Reynolds. The movie is charming and while some Pokemon look fine in the setting, most are … Continue reading Detective Pikachu Review

Aquaman Review: Unda the sea badadadada

Aquaman was a pleasant surprise. It was the first good DC theatrical release that I saw in years, that was engaging and fun. Imagine Black Panther meets Asgard underwater. I know it seems cliche but the comparisons between Aquaman and the Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther are really there. All involve a prince learning whether or not he is a worthy king. All three have fantastic arena/ collisseum fights. And all three are good movies. Please do not misunderstand me. I feel that the two MCU entries are overall fun films and I think they are slightly better. However, I … Continue reading Aquaman Review: Unda the sea badadadada

Ghostly Trio: Good Ghost Movies

ZOIKS SCOOOB ITS A GHO GHO GHOOOOOOOOST I love ghosts don’t you like ghosts? Before I start sounding like Jack Fenton and making bad ghost puns, let me just say, these movies are just three I really enjoyed. If you don’t like them, that’s cool. I like movies everyone hates all the time, and that doesn’t take away from how I feel about them. The great thing about all forms of art, is that your own likes and dislikes, are subjective. Now here we go : Insidious(2010) Holy boooooooooooo merang, Batman, this was an enjoyable film. There is something really … Continue reading Ghostly Trio: Good Ghost Movies

Movie Review: Spring (2014)

  Spring Spring is a 2014 horror/ romance movie about a young man who takes a brief sojourn to Italy after the death of his mother and the collapse of his life. During the trip he meets an enchanting young woman and starts a whirlwind romance, but she is more than meets the eye. This movie really stuck with me and I am still smiling when I think about it. The main characters Evan (Lou Taylor Pucci) and Louise(Nadia Hilker) are both likable at some level and their dialogue is quirky and endearing. The movie has many parallels with other … Continue reading Movie Review: Spring (2014)

Thesis Inspiration Part 3

I would like to summarize so far what I admire about the people whom I have discussed so far and what that might tell me about myself, if I was the client. I admire the resolve and courage of Severus Snape. I recognize the flaws and how difficult his life was and even part of me still dislikes him. But he was the kind of teacher you don’t want but the kind of teacher you need. He taught me things regardless of whether I wanted it. He taught me that sometimes, we don’t get what we want or what we … Continue reading Thesis Inspiration Part 3

Media Medium Analysis part 1-2

  No this isn’t the MMA you are looking for -Spock probably, in Mordor.   Talk about a fun title!! Now in case the title was too vague, which it probably was, I will now explain what I mean by it. Over the history of storytelling, there have been many forms of presenting stories to prospective people, and they have been told in so many different ways. Today we probably think of the different forms of media as written, spoken, visual and combinations of such. However, it gets way more specific when we speak of comics versus novels or TV … Continue reading Media Medium Analysis part 1-2

Infinity War and The Last Jedi

I just finished watching a review by one of the movie critics I most enjoy on why he felt mixed about Infinity War. I was baffled at first because he was one of the people I went to because they were in general, a happy movie reviewer. On Youtube, there is a lot of mileage for the disgruntled angry reviewer who is comedic and rips into our favorite movies and video games. It is fun but in the current world I do enjoy watching reviews that help soothe me by being positive. I think that the balance is important. I … Continue reading Infinity War and The Last Jedi