List of armed conflicts in United States History

This is a sobering list compiled by Youtube history buff Cynical Historian that  I felt I should share here. Note that this is armed conflicts and that this is due to the original poster’s own position on how hard it is to actually quantify a war. Just to give you an idea of how sobering this is, we have only had 8 years of actual peace in our entire history. I intend to give short summaries of each conflict on the list as time goes on so expect this list to be edited a bunch of times. Once again remember … Continue reading List of armed conflicts in United States History

Why Capitalism must go Pt 1

In the West currently, there is a great dissatisfaction with ruling elites and their government representatives. The erosion of living standards, the continuation of unjust wars and the crises of other problems that can be solved by aren’t being solved, are some of the biggest problems around. However, the biggest danger is most likely climate change, which will cause extinction, mass immigration and collapses in entire communities. This isn’t even mentioning the likelihood of mass human death and even, extinction. If plant growth is significantly reduced this will have a negative effect on total food stores and the lack of … Continue reading Why Capitalism must go Pt 1

Americans don’t understand war

I am an American and I admit that I probably will never understand war until it comes to my doorstep. Most Americans have lived their lives with no wars or a war being fought across entire oceans on another continent. We rarely see the horror of wars unless we are personally fighting there. I am reminded of the problem this creates because it makes the decision to go to war so much less serious than it should be. I remind my reader here that the last war on North American soil was the Civil War. In the Civil War, the … Continue reading Americans don’t understand war

Social Democracy: A critique

Franklin Delanore Roosevelt’s New Deal was arguably one of the most important pieces of legislation ever put forth by any President. It is seen as the crowning acheivement of the left in the United States. The New Deal was essentially using government to regulate the market and subsidize new jobs in order to stimulate the economy. This type of economics was called Keynesian economics, or demand side economics. The central idea was that if the consumer wasn’t able to increase demand due to lack of spending power, everyone loses. Capitalism requires consumption and constant growth. Profit is the central idea … Continue reading Social Democracy: A critique Essay thoughts

It has been a while since I wrote more for my essay for the upcoming project with The team has been churning out content and I am so very happy they are so good at what they do. While I certainly wish I had been more active I am committed to putting in the best possible essay for the final product. However, our patrons and our team deserve an update. First of all, I would like to talk a bit about my own personal thoughts and interpretations of what I have learned. The actual essay will stick as tightly … Continue reading Essay thoughts essay notes pt 2

When reading up on the history of the interventions in Russia it is remarkable at the similar foreign policy goals and ploys that still are being used today. The United States is a far younger country than many others and well, it was only an unchallenged empire for a miniscule portion of that time. Arguably similar justifications were given by all great powers. One of the things most people who read about politics understand is that terms and systems of government are very fluid. For instance, fascism is actually a more nebulous term than it might appear. The German fascism, … Continue reading essay notes pt 2 Essay notes

Currently I am preparing an academic essay for a future history book with a bunch of fantastic individuals who are as fascinated by history as I am. I am a history buff and enjoy reading about it and learning. However, currently we could use a better understanding of our own history in the Western world. It seems that even facts are today, viewed through the lens of white rich men. I say white rich men because they were the ones who wrote the founding documents of the United States of America. My essay is regarding a war that America seems … Continue reading Essay notes