My thoughts on abridged series

I have been a huge fan of the abridged series formula on Youtube for over ten years now. I came into it a bit late and my favorites in the beginning were Yu-gi-oh the abridged series (now approaching the final season with 81 episodes covering almost 200 episodes of the original series) and Naruto abridged (dormant and not likely to recover). Since then the standouts in the community were Team Four Star, which was a group effort and was Dragon ball Z abridged so it was bound to get views and too many others to mention. I say too many … Continue reading My thoughts on abridged series

Author’s note

Dear readers, if there are any of you left. I would like to update you on my current to do list in terms of writing projects.   Dias de los Muertos: I am hoping to finish at least two more stories this year and I am sorry for the delay. Phoenix Wright series: I hope to do an in depth review of the Phoenix Wright series. Anime deep dives: I want to talk about what I really value and love about anime that I really enjoy. This will sometimes mean a lot of gushing and sometimes disorganized discussions. I will … Continue reading Author’s note

2019 and hiatus

Hello reader and subscribers. Thank you for your time if you have been reading my posts in the past and if you are interested in starting I am humbled by your generosity. I have been off my writing schedule for quite a while and still have many writing projects I would like to finish on here. Here are a few things you can look forward to on here in the following year: Dias De Los Muertos: finish Martes and a full new story. Social Democracy and Socialism Democratic Primaries and the rage Phoenix Wright Retrospective Kingdom Hearts Retrospective Theme and … Continue reading 2019 and hiatus

Author’s Note

Sabado has its second official release FAM. I am so excited to finally have another real post on here. Unfortunately, it is not the final draft. It is the second draft for a reason. It still feels like there is more work that can be done but I wanted to give you, the reader something to read. If you haven’t read the original story yet, now is a good time to read it. It is definitely better than the previous version of it. There are less errors and the grammar and format is way better. I do hope you enjoy … Continue reading Author’s Note

Dias de los Muertos: Domingo part 2

Author’s Note If you are enjoying this mini series so far, please leave a review and any sort of criticism you feel my stories deserve. Currently one of my stories has a rough draft out on my blog. Sabado is out but will be edited and modified and if you want to help me make the story better please leave comments and let me know what you feel the strengths and weaknesses of the story are. I am very open to any and all criticism. I have my own vision for where I want to go with these stories but … Continue reading Dias de los Muertos: Domingo part 2

Author’s thoughts

Hey fam, this is your author Shade here reflecting on my first major short story I’ve completed on here. The Dias de los Muertos series of short stories is something I’ve been dreaming up for a while but this first story is very spicy. In the world today, the crisis facing young men is quite staggering. However, many do not take a path that I personally would. The success of right wing crazies around the world is partially due to alienation and the inability of young men to make their way in the world. I sympathize as, I too have … Continue reading Author’s thoughts

Dias de los muertos: Sabado Update

Hey all, this is Shade your author speaking. Today I uploaded all the previous parts as one complete post. I plan on revisiting it in order to finish the story in the best way possible. The frustrating thing for me is that I have other ideas for other stories but need to satisfactorily finish this one first. I am having difficulty figuring out the best way to finish it. In case it wasn’t obvious the story is in its third act. I plan to upload it by the end of the week. The final part will just be part of … Continue reading Dias de los muertos: Sabado Update