Favorite Ace Attorney cases 5-1

5. 6-5 The finale for the most recent game, Spirit of Justice, was the last Ace Attorney game to make me tear up. It is really ironic that Apollo Justice got more character development in games where his name wasn’t in the title but that is how it is. Not only does the final case have you literally facing the Queen in court, but it is also the eve of an actual revolution. The central theme of passing the torch and Apollo’s coming of age is truly memorable and I couldn’t feel better for the guy. I was always not … Continue reading Favorite Ace Attorney cases 5-1

Rant: Rise of Skywalker rumors

So I heard that the plot about Rey’s parents being nobodies is gonna get retconned. I am not surprised but still fairly annoyed at this. The toxic fanbase of Star Wars is gonna get a major retcon in the final episode of the his new trilogy and to be honest, they still will probably hate it. Honestly, I don’t know many people who didn’t really dislike this film and I am one of the few who enjoyed it that I know. I should emphasize that I do not love the movie but find it very fun. It is Star Wars … Continue reading Rant: Rise of Skywalker rumors

Favorite Ace Attorney cases 10-5

The Ace Attorney/ Gyakuten Saiban series is one of my favorite game/ visual novel series of all time. It is funny, endearing, full of pop culture references, and strong character work. The cases may all be similar in terms of the type of crime, but the strong characters, jazzy music, and weird plots sell me on it. However, not all cases are created equal and today I will start a top 10 Ace Attorney cases list. I will including only cases from the main series (PWAA, PWJFA, PWTT, AJAA, PWDD, PWSOJ) Key for abbreviations: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney(PWAA) Cases from … Continue reading Favorite Ace Attorney cases 10-5

United States of Terrorism

At the southern border of the United States we have concentration camps. The bane of the Jewish peoples of Europe during the early 20th century has come back. Now let me be clear, these are not death camps. However, they are concentration camps and no less evil then the “internment camps” we imprisoned Japanese- American citizens following the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Trump administration and the Republican party are determined to spread hate and fear for the sake of staying in power. The treatment of prisoners in the camps at the border is inhumane and the attitude of border … Continue reading United States of Terrorism

For a more compassionate and healthier masculinity

You’ve probably heard the term toxic masculinity used in feminist discourse to describe the behaviors and reinforcement of those behaviors that is taught to boys and young men that actually harms them and women. Often this subject is very touchy and is misrepresented by men who are not actually all that concerned with whether or not men can change their gender roles or how they express themselves to other people. I am a feminist and believe both that men can be masculine without being toxic and that men can have feminine behaviors and roles as well. I see no problem … Continue reading For a more compassionate and healthier masculinity

Dias de los muertos: Lunes pt 1-4

Carter punched his younger brother in the side hard. The younger boy cried out in pain and squealed. “Hey grasshopper, we are here” Carter said while grinning like a loon. Ken, blinked the tears out of his eyes and looked around to see the fields of wine stalks that made up the vineyards surrounding his grandfather’s ranch. Ken and his elder brother Carter were going with their eldest sister Sayu to stay at their grandparent’s place for a month. Neither of the boys wanted to go, but it was important to their grandparents and so it was important to their … Continue reading Dias de los muertos: Lunes pt 1-4

My political stances:on language

I find it really important to be able to communicate effectively and be able to understand why certain people can’t actually get along. I prefer when people get along but when there is conflict I prefer to understand why this is happening. I despise people who lie to do what I consider evil things. I also prefer to be precise with my definitions but also have a tendency to not be, which is super confusing. I like the idea that things can be interconnected and this leaves me with a sense of awe and happiness. For instance, I believe economic … Continue reading My political stances:on language

Dynamic action and choreography: John Wick 3: Parabellum Review

Yesterday I saw the third entry in the action movie series John Wick, and I enjoyed it very much. I haven’t seen John Wick 2 but these are the kinds of movies where you can see any and have fun watching them. John Wick 3 is a 2019 movie starring Keanu Reeves, Halle Barry, Lawrence Fishburne, Ian McShane etc. The chief selling point of this movie is how well it choreographs its action scenes and flaunts its big 80’s action movie bona fides. However, the stylish and lethal fights are not something that belongs in any one era and although … Continue reading Dynamic action and choreography: John Wick 3: Parabellum Review

Best Fire Emblem games I’ve played

I love Fire Emblem to death and with Three Houses soon to release for the Nintendo Switch I figured I might as well reveal my favorite Fire emblem games. I must have played it and I will be ranking them based on story, character, replay value, music, and presentation. Now let us march to our own drums and remember: TOGETHER WE RIDE!!!. 5. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Nintendo DS This is a remake of two older fire emblem games and stars the titular hero king Marth, who was introduced to North America in Super Smash Bros Melee as a playable … Continue reading Best Fire Emblem games I’ve played

Ace Attorney: My favorite characters

Ace attorney is one of my favorite game series of all time. I enjoy the characters and story most of all and while it is more of a visual novel than a traditional video game, these games have truly changed my life and are a comfort to me in times I am down. Part of my college thesis was introducing ways to incorporate fictional characters into therapy by using the strengths and weakness of the client and the fictional person they admire to encourage growth. These are my favorite characters in the Ace attorney series and its four spin off … Continue reading Ace Attorney: My favorite characters

My political stances pt 3

Economics: I believe that basic necessities should be available to everyone regardless of how much money they make. Capitalism is a corrosive system that treats people like mere objects and is immoral. I believe that everyone should have the agency to do work that they love and do other things as well. True freedom is when you are able to live your life the way you want to without having to do things that break your soul. I know that life isn’t always fair but I do think we have an opportunity to give everyone a higher standard of living … Continue reading My political stances pt 3

Author’s note

Dear readers, if there are any of you left. I would like to update you on my current to do list in terms of writing projects.   Dias de los Muertos: I am hoping to finish at least two more stories this year and I am sorry for the delay. Phoenix Wright series: I hope to do an in depth review of the Phoenix Wright series. Anime deep dives: I want to talk about what I really value and love about anime that I really enjoy. This will sometimes mean a lot of gushing and sometimes disorganized discussions. I will … Continue reading Author’s note