Russophobia and the Right way to fight Trump

Russophobia and the RIGHT way to fight Trump   By Sam Snapp (The Progressive Dragon)   Nothing has made me more exasperated and annoyed as the current climate of neo-McCarthyism that is slowly sweeping across what is supposed to be the liberal party. I expected this kind of conspiracy thinking on the right but not the left. Furthermore it is distracting many people from the best ways to attack Trump. The clearest analogy can be made to the Republicans assault on the Affordable Care Act. The entire attack was based on nothing but straw men and hyperbolic assertions made with … Continue reading Russophobia and the Right way to fight Trump

Working Towards a Better Future

Working towards a better future   I was inspired by a YouTube segment by the Progressive Voice, who is a regular contributer to the Progressive Army to write this brief piece. The segment was speaking about the divide in the left is more extreme than he first thought. He was mostly reacting a recent back and forth between hosts Kyle Kulinski, of Secular Talk, and Debbie Lusignan who is the creator and writer of the Sane Progressive. I am also a fan of both of them but most recently The Sane Progressive attacked the new Justice Democrat coalition, of which … Continue reading Working Towards a Better Future

Dao of MLK

We hear all this nonsense talk about American Exceptionalism from the political establishment and I tend to scoff when I hear that. I tend to always treat hubris with contempt which probably makes me ability to converse with such people futile. But I was listening to a discussion with Mark Blyth, a Brown Professor who wrote a brilliant book on austerity and who I admire very much, when something was spoken in clearer terms than I had ever heard before. This idea of individualism and the idea of Americans each seeking out his or her individual desires and goals, has … Continue reading Dao of MLK

Marketplace of Ideas

As was said most eloquently by Voltaire: if you don’t believe in freedom of speech for unpopular ideas, you don’t believe in it at all. I definitely butchered that quote and apologize for that but the idea is the same. The ALCU for example, defended the KKK in court saying that despite the fact that they despise the organization is question, they have a right to free speech. However, if there was a true marketplace of ideas, it is very clear that the conservative ones would get their asses kicked. Those ideas just aren’t’ popular. The Republican party is only … Continue reading Marketplace of Ideas

A Dragon Never Wavers

To woe thou whisks thyself Perchance to wallow in sadness dark glow. To hide from sunshine evermore. Why do thou seek that glow? Adversity’s fangs grow ever near, so what is there left to fear? Hero’s might shall bring the light! The will of dragons never waver! From primordial fire the Phoenix rises. The song bright and awe inspiring. Mocking those for whom wish thou harm. Go forth to fight once more young one. For a dragon never wavers Continue reading A Dragon Never Wavers