Russiagate: Witchhunt 2017

I am so sick of the Russia hysteria. The whole Comey firing has all of the Mainstream media fired up about how this somehow proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, Russian election interference. Forget about the other times the United States has interfered in other elections or how the information that supposedly dethroned Queen Hillary, was true. Russia is guilty of informing the electorate of how broken our democracy is. Even if it is true, how sad is that, that we would have to rely on a foreign government to tell us the truth. Furthermore, dissent is now apparently … Continue reading Russiagate: Witchhunt 2017

United We Stand: Moving to the left

    United We Stand: What we need to do to have a more perfect union ““We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few,” he said, “but we can’t have both.” Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis             The impetus for the Revolutionary War was a populist revolt against a corrupt monarchy and international megacorpoation. Many of us remember learning about the Boston Tea Party even if the right wing tea party has completely forgotten the actual meaning of it. “No taxation without representation” is a famous line used in order to protest … Continue reading United We Stand: Moving to the left

Working Towards a better future

Working towards a better future   I was inspired by a YouTube segment by the Progressive Voice, who is a regular contributer to the Progressive Army to write a response and to come up with what I think is the best path forward. I think that if we critique each other’s approaches to getting towards our public policy goals we must have some sort of solution ready. I support Justice Democrats because, while I acknowledge the systemic biases they must overcome to be successful, it is one path forward. I also like that they have said they would love it … Continue reading Working Towards a better future

Russophobia and the Right way to fight Trump

Russophobia and the RIGHT way to fight Trump   By Sam Snapp (The Progressive Dragon)   Nothing has made me more exasperated and annoyed as the current climate of neo-McCarthyism that is slowly sweeping across what is supposed to be the liberal party. I expected this kind of conspiracy thinking on the right but not the left. Furthermore it is distracting many people from the best ways to attack Trump. The clearest analogy can be made to the Republicans assault on the Affordable Care Act. The entire attack was based on nothing but straw men and hyperbolic assertions made with … Continue reading Russophobia and the Right way to fight Trump