Knives Out is awesome

Knives Out (2019) dir: Rian Johnson star: Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Michael Shannon, Christopher Plummer etc This is basically adult clue and I love it. This film was one of my most anticipated films of fall 2019 and it did not disappoint. The cast is quirky and fun and the story is just clever enough to make the twist work at the end. I like how the story seems to be super straight forward but ends up really winking at you and making you revel in the reveal. Daniel Craig is awesome as the PI with the … Continue reading Knives Out is awesome

Rise of Skywalker: Complicated finale

Star Wars Episode IX: Rise of Skywalker dir: J.J Abrams writer: Chris Terrio star: Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver etc I was really worried heading into the film because I had it spoiled that (Spoiler alert) that Rey’s parents had been retconned. She was now the granddaugher of the Emperor and therefore, once again the importance of lineage replaced the genuine mystery of the force. Your blood matters in whether or not you have super force powers. It makes the galaxy feel a lot smaller. I do not agree with the one reviewer who said … Continue reading Rise of Skywalker: Complicated finale

New Year New Entry: Impeachment

Hello friends and whoever else is reading this last minute diatribe from the heart of our nation’s capital. As 2020 dawns it is important to reflect on the current state of the country and of course the main attractions that come to dominate political discussion. The 2020 elections are this year and the Iowa primary is very close. The media has been forced to accept that Bernie Sanders could win the Democratic primary. Like many others, I take no comfort in this admission as I believe that this foretells the most vicious attacks will be coming soon. I do not … Continue reading New Year New Entry: Impeachment

Revisiting The Last Jedi in time for 9

The Last Jedi was a deeply divisive film for the star wars fans and movie watchers everywhere. The cultural cache of Star Wars is so far reaching that these movies cannot simply just be movies anymore but are big events. Now, right at the beginning I would like to say that I am not a huge star wars superfan. I enjoy the films but  I also have been known to like movies that most people didn’t. I am speaking mostly for myself and my perception of the entire conversation about the last Jedi. The moment Disney bought Lucasfilm I knew … Continue reading Revisiting The Last Jedi in time for 9


I am intolerant of intolerance. I am not tolerant of: Rich assholes who buy our elections and create media outlets that lie about the policies that would save people’s lives Nazis Anti-semites War Racism Right wingers Free Market bullshit Appeals to moderation We must be capable of fighting back against the bastards who run the system and are not going to give up any power without a fight. They can only win every time if we don’t fight. We must be willing to fight them every single time regardless of the outcome. Because politeness will not prevent Nazis, right wing … Continue reading Intolerance

My thoughts on abridged series

I have been a huge fan of the abridged series formula on Youtube for over ten years now. I came into it a bit late and my favorites in the beginning were Yu-gi-oh the abridged series (now approaching the final season with 81 episodes covering almost 200 episodes of the original series) and Naruto abridged (dormant and not likely to recover). Since then the standouts in the community were Team Four Star, which was a group effort and was Dragon ball Z abridged so it was bound to get views and too many others to mention. I say too many … Continue reading My thoughts on abridged series

Into the Dark Ranking List

It is the spooky month of October, one of my favorite months of the year and the beginning of Fall. I am getting into the spooky spirit and decided to do a top 7 of the first season of the anthology series on hulu, Into the Dark. Produced by the notorious Blumhouse, this is Hulu’s answer to Black Mirror but leans more into horror stories based on holidays each month. The series has had a mixed reception but I  think that there are some good entries that are definitely worth your time. Whenever I see ratings on horror movies i … Continue reading Into the Dark Ranking List

List of armed conflicts in United States History

This is a sobering list compiled by Youtube history buff Cynical Historian that  I felt I should share here. Note that this is armed conflicts and that this is due to the original poster’s own position on how hard it is to actually quantify a war. Just to give you an idea of how sobering this is, we have only had 8 years of actual peace in our entire history. I intend to give short summaries of each conflict on the list as time goes on so expect this list to be edited a bunch of times. Once again remember … Continue reading List of armed conflicts in United States History

Republican politicians are not your friends

I have heard the bemoaning of lack of unity and bipartisanship too much in the era of Trump. However, it is almost never used as a cudgel against the right as much as it is against the left. The Democrats(who are not the left but are supposed to represent us) are always supposed to be the ones to reach across the aisle to get stuff done. I have a few very important questions to this conventional wisdom: What could they possible work together on if they truly are people with different ideologies and opinions? Why is one party expected to … Continue reading Republican politicians are not your friends

Rewriting Baby arc into a movie pt 1

Dragon ball GT had a lot of potential as a series and had some truly interesting ideas in it. The problem was the very poor execution and the inclusion of some very very bad arcs. Just an fyi, if you haven’t watched Geekdom’s video on this on youtube you should as he is the inspiration for this post. Now I will be rewriting the baby arc as a standalone movie for Dragon Ball Super. This arc will take place after the Broly movie and will assume the Moro stuff hasn’t happened. The movies did tend to ignore the anime and … Continue reading Rewriting Baby arc into a movie pt 1

Impeachment, division and the 2020 election

It is official, the Democrats are finally going forward with impeachment. There is little chance of the Republicans convicting in the Senate but the simple exercise is better than nothing. Now I have heard a lot of disagreement amongst the left, the social democratic liberals, and the centrists about this issue. We on the left are incredibly cynical as Trump has been able to get away with far worse shit then trying to bribe a foreign official to get dirt on a candidate he WILL NOT BE RUNNING AGAINST. Honestly, emoluments, concentration camps, war crimes, and his advocacy of right … Continue reading Impeachment, division and the 2020 election

Bookstore at the edge of memory pt 1

Gareth’s insomnia wouldn’t ever let up. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and glanced over morosely at his bedside table. The picture of a beaming woman stared back at him and he immediately looked away feeling the sting he always did when he looked at her. Gareth stumbled out of his bed nearly tangling himself further in a web of sheets and blankets. He also nearly tripped on a box of old photographs he could no longer bear to look at as he descended the stairs of his home. The walls were bare and cold and the emptiness of the home … Continue reading Bookstore at the edge of memory pt 1