Favorite Ace Attorney cases 10-5

The Ace Attorney/ Gyakuten Saiban series is one of my favorite game/ visual novel series of all time. It is funny, endearing, full of pop culture references, and strong character work. The cases may all be similar in terms of the type of crime, but the strong characters, jazzy music, and weird plots sell me on it. However, not all cases are created equal and today I will start a top 10 Ace Attorney cases list. I will including only cases from the main series (PWAA, PWJFA, PWTT, AJAA, PWDD, PWSOJ) Key for abbreviations: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney(PWAA) Cases from … Continue reading Favorite Ace Attorney cases 10-5

Best Fire Emblem games I’ve played

I love Fire Emblem to death and with Three Houses soon to release for the Nintendo Switch I figured I might as well reveal my favorite Fire emblem games. I must have played it and I will be ranking them based on story, character, replay value, music, and presentation. Now let us march to our own drums and remember: TOGETHER WE RIDE!!!. 5. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Nintendo DS This is a remake of two older fire emblem games and stars the titular hero king Marth, who was introduced to North America in Super Smash Bros Melee as a playable … Continue reading Best Fire Emblem games I’ve played

Dad of War: a splendid journey

Boy did I never figure I’d be coming back to God of War and  thinking that the newest title was the best one. God of War 4 or just God of War for Playstation 4, is a somber, beautiful, and violent journey through the realms of Norse mythology. Kratos, after killing the Gods of Olympus has tried to settle down and move past his previous sins and now must journey with his estranged son, Atreus to scatter his late wife’s ashes on the highest peak. However, things are never that simple for the former Spartan as his very presence and … Continue reading Dad of War: a splendid journey

Kingdom Hearts Retrospective: Pt 1

I just finished Kingdom Hearts 3 and am feeling so many complicated feelings. I am happy to finally get the 3rd installment I have been waiting for most of my adult life for. I remember playing the first game significantly after it came out due to not having a ps2 till later. I was able to buy the second game at launch and liked it a lot. Looking back on all the games I’ve played I realized that I have a lot to say and want to write. So here it goes, a part review and part retrospective of every … Continue reading Kingdom Hearts Retrospective: Pt 1

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All Review

Before I continue I would like to issue some corrections to my original timeline of dates for the Ace Attorney series. The Game Boy advance titles came out in the early 2000s and the DS remakes came out in the mid to late 2000s. The visual novel games were also released on multiple platforms including, iOS, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and in the future the Nintendo Switch. The second entry in the Ace Attorney series was released in 2007 for the Nintendo DS and this is the version I played. The series is once again a port of the Game … Continue reading Phoenix Wright: Justice for All Review

Review: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

Gyakuten Saiban, or Turnabout Lawyer, was first released in 2001 for the Nintendo DS handheld system in North America as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The game was a port of an earlier, Japan only series of light novel games in which you played a rookie defense attorney through various cases. This series has rapidly become one of my favorites of all time. The quirky characters and great music sell it for me. But primarily, the series plays like an interactive novel, and because of this concentrates more highly on the story than the gameplay. This isn’t a recipe that works … Continue reading Review: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney