My thoughts on abridged series

I have been a huge fan of the abridged series formula on Youtube for over ten years now. I came into it a bit late and my favorites in the beginning were Yu-gi-oh the abridged series (now approaching the final season with 81 episodes covering almost 200 episodes of the original series) and Naruto abridged (dormant and not likely to recover). Since then the standouts in the community were Team Four Star, which was a group effort and was Dragon ball Z abridged so it was bound to get views and too many others to mention. I say too many … Continue reading My thoughts on abridged series

Capitalism is dead

The final stage of capitalism is upon us. More extremist right wing policies are coming and a neo-facist has been elected to the white house. The media is little more than a tool of the corporate elite, concentrating on entertainment rather then cold hard facts. The reality is that Capitalism is only as good as the regulations constraining it. The competition aspect is always good, unless you have the government acting as a tool of the corporations in order to defeat competitors. But don’t get it confused, a completely free market would still favor the rich and the powerful. The … Continue reading Capitalism is dead


I used to write pretty judiciously on my word processor, in a slightly altered journal format in order to organize my thoughts and quell my anxiety. For those who know me, they know I am a very anxious person. I have been that way for my whole life. I have had a slow path and have had many struggles that others may or may not have had. Regardless of how hard they try to jam the idea that being different is good in pre-kindergarten, I don’t think anyone really likes being different. Whether it be an extreme like hate crimes … Continue reading 17

The importance of communication

One of the bigger disappointments of 2016 was the divide that was created between generations and former allies in the left. But the biggest issue was the idea that perhaps there is no real fight coming from those in the new Democratic party. I will begin by admitting that one of the bigger talking points: that Obama had a filibuster proof Congress and didn’t use it to pass health care, is false. The problem is that when they did have the 60 votes, it was almost always a blue dog Democrat like Joe Lieberman. Someone who knew how important that … Continue reading The importance of communication

Race to the bottom

Trump has officially become the President-elect after the Electoral College affirmed the results of the November 8th election. More electors revolted from Hilary Clinton than Donald Trump. And yet it is still not the Democrat’s fault. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party refuses to acknowledge the failure of the neoliberal establishment. Despite the Bernie wing screaming the solutions at them for months it still doesn’t make a difference. So we march on into a completely Republican controlled government in January. When I have said that Hilary Clinton was basically a pro-choice Republican it … Continue reading Race to the bottom

Election 2016

Hello, this is my first post as a nonprofessional blogger. I am mostly doing this, in order to vent my frustrations and to talk about my thoughts regarding politics today. Recently, the Podesta Emails have been rocking the United States political domain. I wish it was, but in truth it is mostly being ignored because…Trump. I do hate Trump but this election has opened my eyes in ways I could have never imagined. I have learned that progressives are not welcome in America and that the Democratic Party is not willing to be liberal on anything other than social issues … Continue reading Election 2016