I keep falling and falling, into the depths. Why can’t I escape from the crushing abyss? What folly is this that I keep on going? What coward am I? I have felt the numbness seeping into my soul. The cloying taint of death and of corruption saps my spirit. I am barely keeping it above the surface. Below lies the depths. The depths of fear, of regret, of hatred, of self-hatred, of sadness. It goes beyond mere emotion. What fool am I? That battered soul clamoring for that hope which hath doomed him. I am doomed but can I climb? … Continue reading Depths

The turning point to mastery

In the dark, I wake… This must a mistake…. My strength is always flagging  I feel like I am stagger-ing.. I must find the strength inside.. find the strength inside……. The mark of mastery is here, deep inside my heart…. Failure is my teacher …. Failure is my master but next time I will win… My weakness…. shadow of strength… the almighty spark buried deep underneath. I will conquer my demons and seize the day…. For now it is my turning point to master… . Continue reading The turning point to mastery

You matter

I don’t know you but I don’t need to. You matter No matter how many times you fuck up You matter In your darkest hour, You Matter When you are on the top of the world You matter When you feel alone You Matter When you are lying alone You matter I want you to know that you never alone. For those who struggle with anxiety and who toil under the weight of depression. Mental health issues are not your fault. I have struggled and so have you. We are human, you and I. Be kinder to yourself and remember … Continue reading You matter

The Mirror

We are so close yet understanding eludes me. You seem to know me but yet still are a stranger What inspires this cruel twisting darkness? My heart is warm and yet far too cold Duality I think, Duality I am. Must I hear the protestations of my weak soul Must I deal with my weakness and pitiful silence Anxiety crushing my heart like a vice You say I am not a man and I yell You say I am not a man and I protest I say I am not a man and I weep I see the tormentor and … Continue reading The Mirror

A Dragon Never Wavers

To woe thou whisks thyself Perchance to wallow in sadness dark glow. To hide from sunshine evermore. Why do thou seek that glow? Adversity’s fangs grow ever near, so what is there left to fear? Hero’s might shall bring the light! The will of dragons never waver! From primordial fire the Phoenix rises. The song bright and awe inspiring. Mocking those for whom wish thou harm. Go forth to fight once more young one. For a dragon never wavers Continue reading A Dragon Never Wavers