2020 starts with a bang

2020 is exhausting and it has only been two weeks. Australia is on fire, Trump declared war on Iran by assassinating a top Iranian official, and the Democratic party is about to begin. This is also not even contending with the concentration camps at the border, the continuing scapegoating of anyone who looks Iranian by customs etc etc. So yes, it has been really really depressing. Tonight is the last debate and the prelude to this debate has been a rehashing of the 2016 Clinton strategy of calling Bernie and his supporters sexist. Bernie has risen to the top in … Continue reading 2020 starts with a bang

The tone argument and nuance

I have gotten in a lot of trouble in arguing for politics by how I get perceived. For as long as I can remember, I have disliked being told that I am angry or being told I am any emotion when I do not feel like I am or don’t perceive myself as portraying an emotion. Self-perception is important and I am way better at introspection after the fact than before. I know I am not the only one who has that problem. I have heard many times that part of the reason Bernie Sanders doesn’t appeal to certain people … Continue reading The tone argument and nuance

New Year New Entry: Impeachment

Hello friends and whoever else is reading this last minute diatribe from the heart of our nation’s capital. As 2020 dawns it is important to reflect on the current state of the country and of course the main attractions that come to dominate political discussion. The 2020 elections are this year and the Iowa primary is very close. The media has been forced to accept that Bernie Sanders could win the Democratic primary. Like many others, I take no comfort in this admission as I believe that this foretells the most vicious attacks will be coming soon. I do not … Continue reading New Year New Entry: Impeachment


I am intolerant of intolerance. I am not tolerant of: Rich assholes who buy our elections and create media outlets that lie about the policies that would save people’s lives Nazis Anti-semites War Racism Right wingers Free Market bullshit Appeals to moderation We must be capable of fighting back against the bastards who run the system and are not going to give up any power without a fight. They can only win every time if we don’t fight. We must be willing to fight them every single time regardless of the outcome. Because politeness will not prevent Nazis, right wing … Continue reading Intolerance

List of armed conflicts in United States History

This is a sobering list compiled by Youtube history buff Cynical Historian that¬† I felt I should share here. Note that this is armed conflicts and that this is due to the original poster’s own position on how hard it is to actually quantify a war. Just to give you an idea of how sobering this is, we have only had 8 years of actual peace in our entire history. I intend to give short summaries of each conflict on the list as time goes on so expect this list to be edited a bunch of times. Once again remember … Continue reading List of armed conflicts in United States History

Republican politicians are not your friends

I have heard the bemoaning of lack of unity and bipartisanship too much in the era of Trump. However, it is almost never used as a cudgel against the right as much as it is against the left. The Democrats(who are not the left but are supposed to represent us) are always supposed to be the ones to reach across the aisle to get stuff done. I have a few very important questions to this conventional wisdom: What could they possible work together on if they truly are people with different ideologies and opinions? Why is one party expected to … Continue reading Republican politicians are not your friends

Impeachment, division and the 2020 election

It is official, the Democrats are finally going forward with impeachment. There is little chance of the Republicans convicting in the Senate but the simple exercise is better than nothing. Now I have heard a lot of disagreement amongst the left, the social democratic liberals, and the centrists about this issue. We on the left are incredibly cynical as Trump has been able to get away with far worse shit then trying to bribe a foreign official to get dirt on a candidate he WILL NOT BE RUNNING AGAINST. Honestly, emoluments, concentration camps, war crimes, and his advocacy of right … Continue reading Impeachment, division and the 2020 election

Whining about polarization is a bad look

There are certain words that get a warm and fuzzy feeling to the elites in power, bipartisanship, American values, compromise etc etc. However, polarization has been a dirty word for longer than I’ve been politically active. The idea is that if we can’t agree on everything or anything and it causes conflict, this is SO BAD OMG OMG….. (extremely offensive aristocrat voice and fainting) Here is the dirty secret, polarization has always been with us. Guess what, we will never agree with everyone about everything and there are things on which we will get heated and angry about when discussing … Continue reading Whining about polarization is a bad look

Divisions and how to communicate better: A sermon on the dirtbag left, being a vulnerable man, and how to better be able to foster healthy communicatio and happiness

Did that title blow your mind? Did it make you roll your eyes and click off the site? Regardless of your reasoning I would like to take some of your time and talk frankly with you. I have had a lot of thoughts running through my head the past weekend. I was at my friends wedding, and I was dealing with social anxiety, feeling lonely, etc etc. I also was doing some serious self-reflection on how to be better in large groups and how to communicate better. A friend of mine was having some issues with his girlfriend and the … Continue reading Divisions and how to communicate better: A sermon on the dirtbag left, being a vulnerable man, and how to better be able to foster healthy communicatio and happiness

Racism is not an acceptable opinion

There is a lot of talk about respecting people’s difference of an opinion and that otherwise it makes “freedom of speech” impossible. You must tolerate the intolerant or you are being intolerant. Who are you to judge someone? Many issues in the political discourse are nuanced and cannot be easily summarized but we ALSO cannot deny that there are some issues that are settled. The truth will not win if we don’t respect the truth and facts. This is why the Republican party is a terrorist organization.¬† They are ideologically backwards and rely on racism and hatred to get elected. … Continue reading Racism is not an acceptable opinion

Destiny: Failstreamer

Destiny has recently been having actual leftists on more recently to debate him. I thought this was a good thing in general but I do think it has exposed his own failings very clearly. First of all, the guy is clearly much more comfortable debating right wingers. I think his clearly aggressive style and aloof, assholish demeanor is the perfect foil for the right because they very often are very similar. It also doesn’t actually take much to dismantle their arguments. However, Destiny is also very capable of arguing for extended lengths of time and enjoys it. I think this … Continue reading Destiny: Failstreamer

The right hates democracy

The current right wing in the United States of America has contempt for democracy. You see it every day and in their efforts to suppress voters to maintain power. The press acts flummoxed when the Republican party continues to act hypocritical and fascistic and yet this is all very predictable. Honestly, anyone who has seen just a few clips of Fox News should understand how the right wing operates. They do not offer ideas but exist to maintain the people in power and prevent the undesirables from making any progress. However, the right cannot win if they rely on majority … Continue reading The right hates democracy