Inspiration for my thesis Part 1

The longer I’ve been out of college the longer I have had time to wish I hadn’t lost a copy of my thesis paper. I really wanted to expand on it because I felt excited about it and felt that not only would it be helpful for others, it would help me. Call me selfish if you want, but part of the inspiration was trying to understand what made me tick more. However, to connect with others effectively, I am a strong believer in understanding yourself at some level. First of all, the basic idea behind my thesis was that, … Continue reading Inspiration for my thesis Part 1

How I view geek culture

I am an unapologetic nerd and geek. I love video games, movies, comics, anime, and computers. However, I never really quite felt nearly at home with, well the way sometimes gamers and geeks sometimes talked to one another. Honestly, the anti feminist community has a lot of gamers and nerds. For me, as someone who acknowledges my lack of social skills and my loser status, I always felt baffled at how people treated each other. I always thought that the experiences of being social outcasts and being in tight knit groups of self-understood losers, would make one more empathetic. But … Continue reading How I view geek culture

Love of other versus love and respect

I had always been proud to be a liberal and a democrat until the 2016 election. The more I learned about politics and how it intersected with other interests that I have, I came to an interesting conclusion. There is a very peculiar type of objectification that takes place amongst the left leaning people who have power or still haven’t been hit as hard by the economy. The love of the other is, on the surface, something nice or even to be encouraged. You shouldn’t allow another person’s differences guide your attitudes or feelings. However, when you make it a … Continue reading Love of other versus love and respect

Limits of Language

I love to write and I love to read. However, language often is one of the most difficult things to explain in more concrete terms. Languages are malleable and are created for communication. Because of this languages can grow and change and this can create some fairly substantial problems. The term Orwellian, is thrown about a lot these days. It comes unsurprisingly from the infamous author George Orwell who is a fairly famous 20th century author. However, if one looks more into the man from which the word derives, you find out quickly that the man is far more complicated … Continue reading Limits of Language

Personal Journey

Personal Journey This time I would like to spend time connecting with the reader in a real way. I would first like to speak a little bit about myself. I am a very sensitive dude and am also a straight white male. In many ways I am very privelaged and have had advantages that others don’t have, many of which I will never be conscious of at the time. I am also socially awkward and anxious. I have been both bullied and bully. I have been hurt and hurt others. I have loved and hated. In short, I am a … Continue reading Personal Journey

Why it’s okay to be wrong

I have spent a lot of time worrying and obsessing over how I can contribute in the progressive media to make a difference in my community and country. However, as is normal, I didn’t do it for completely altruistic reasons. I am not perfect and I think that using this as a means of acceptance or to gain some sense of recognition is the wrong way to go. I still have a lot of living and learning to do. I was wrong to assume that I could inch my way into being a someone on Youtube when I wasn’t going … Continue reading Why it’s okay to be wrong