Dias de los Muertos: Lunes part 2

Grandfather and Grandmother were extremely old school and insisted in being addressed as Grandfather and Grandmother. The ranch was their pride and joy and had been their special place for as long as Carter could remember. Ken and Carter followed Sayu and sniggered as she fumbled with the keys and even almost tripped again on her kimono. Sayu glared at them and this just made both of the brothers grin like idiots as she looked like a cute chipmunk when she glared at people. Suddenly with a loud crack that startled all three, the door flew open. An elderly woman … Continue reading Dias de los Muertos: Lunes part 2


ITS OCTOBER HELLLLLLLLLLLL YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Sorry for a lack of posts recently but I wanted to make sure that I had good material to write and was in the right mood. For my birthday I will be going to the beach and hopefully being near the beach will spark my creativity. If nothing else, I will have an updated and better version of Dias de los Muertos: Sabado. I have gotten some great advice from other people and have a pretty good idea on how to make the story better. If you liked that story, I hope the new version will … Continue reading Update

Dias de los Muertos: Update

Hello my fellow bloggers and readers. It is your friendly neighborhood Shadeslayer giving you an overview of the current state of my miniseries, Dias de Los Muertos. For those who don’t know, the name is based on the day of the dead that is celebrated in Mexico. The premise of the series is a selection of stories with cultural differences that are horror themed. Currently the plan is to do seven stories, one for each day of the week in the Gregorian calendar. Currently this is what I have so far and the status report on each. Lunes: Incomplete (pt … Continue reading Dias de los Muertos: Update

Dias de los Muertos: Lunes pt 1

Carter punched his younger brother in the side hard. The younger boy cried out in pain and squealed. “Hey grasshopper, we are here” Carter said while grinning like a loon. Ken, blinked the tears out of his eyes and looked around to see the fields of wine stalks that made up the vineyards surrounding his grandfather’s ranch. Ken and his elder brother Carter were going with their eldest sister Sayu to stay at their grandparent’s place for a month. Neither of the boys wanted to go, but it was important to their grandparents and so it was important to their … Continue reading Dias de los Muertos: Lunes pt 1

Dias de los Muertos: Domingo part 2

Author’s Note If you are enjoying this mini series so far, please leave a review and any sort of criticism you feel my stories deserve. Currently one of my stories has a rough draft out on my blog. Sabado is out but will be edited and modified and if you want to help me make the story better please leave comments and let me know what you feel the strengths and weaknesses of the story are. I am very open to any and all criticism. I have my own vision for where I want to go with these stories but … Continue reading Dias de los Muertos: Domingo part 2

Dias De Los Muertos: Domingo part 1

  June 21, 2054 My Darling, Every day that I remain away from you is a horror beyond anything that I could possibly have predicted. I said I was willing to go to any lengths to procure the cure for you and I meant it, but the strain of being away from you and the children is already starting to get to me. The hot zone is nearly impossible to be in for any length of time but my CO seems to think that the terrorist cells are hiding there. It makes no sense. This area has been uninhabitable since … Continue reading Dias De Los Muertos: Domingo part 1

Dias de Los Muertos: Miercoles preview

Diego was a big video gamer. All his friends and family were aware of it and dealt with it the best they could. Being the youngest out of four siblings meant that Diego couldn’t rely on getting new clothes or new anything. Both of his parents worked long hours and his grandparents were always around to watch the children. Diego didn’t really get to see his parents that much and while some saw it as a bad thing, he was hardly aware of it. His grandparents were very good to him and were like surrogate parents. His abuelo was the … Continue reading Dias de Los Muertos: Miercoles preview

The turning point to mastery

In the dark, I wake… This must a mistake…. My strength is always flagging  I feel like I am stagger-ing.. I must find the strength inside.. find the strength inside……. The mark of mastery is here, deep inside my heart…. Failure is my teacher …. Failure is my master but next time I will win… My weakness…. shadow of strength… the almighty spark buried deep underneath. I will conquer my demons and seize the day…. For now it is my turning point to master… . Continue reading The turning point to mastery

Author’s thoughts

Hey fam, this is your author Shade here reflecting on my first major short story I’ve completed on here. The Dias de los Muertos series of short stories is something I’ve been dreaming up for a while but this first story is very spicy. In the world today, the crisis facing young men is quite staggering. However, many do not take a path that I personally would. The success of right wing crazies around the world is partially due to alienation and the inability of young men to make their way in the world. I sympathize as, I too have … Continue reading Author’s thoughts

Dias de los Muertos: Sabado (Complete)

  I am writing this in order to warn anybody who will listen. I know people will automatically assume I am a cuck or that I am someone who has turned my back on what makes the red pill community what it is but I don’t care. Even if there is only the slightest chance someone might heed this warning, it is necessary. I find it ironic that for all of my bluster and anger it took me until my life was in danger to figure out my mistakes. Like you all, I was a member of the red pill … Continue reading Dias de los Muertos: Sabado (Complete)

Dias de los Muertos: Sabado finale

The library in my dream was even colder this time, if that is possible. This time the masked figure was waiting for me. I didn’t even try to escape this time. The figure gestured at me and I felt magnetically attracted to following it. We winded down corridors and eventually found ourselves in a massive chamber. It had a stained glass sealing with hieroglyphs and runes. It was almost comical, because they really didn’t mixed well. The walls also had carvings of chickens with multiple beaks. The word cuck was inscribed in the wall. The masked figure sniggered derisively. I … Continue reading Dias de los Muertos: Sabado finale

Dias de los Muertos: Sabado parte 6

The week afterwards was the longest week of my life. Every night I would return to that labyrinth of a library. Each time the masked figure would chase me and corner me. Every time the icy horror would seize me and I would run regardless of the fact that I actively knew I couldn’t escape. Every night eh library would have new corridors and would even have special rooms. Sometimes I would see people in the rooms having horrible things happening to them. The most common was Kristina, being assaulted by the masked figure. I would always look away and … Continue reading Dias de los Muertos: Sabado parte 6