Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade Review

Fire Emblem is my favorite video game franchise, slightly above the Legend of Zelda, and Ace Attorney. I have decided to review every entry in the series I have played through completely at least once. The categories I will judging this series on will be as follows: Gameplay- How well does the game play? Is the control intuitive? Etc Accessibility- Does the game serve as easy to pick up and play? Does it serve as a good entry for new players? Does the game reward this accessibility if it has it? Graphics- How well is the game presented? This is … Continue reading Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade Review

The Dawn comes: the story of the Red Hashtag

In the heart of the capitalist nation, a lone hashtag would unite all the comrades on social media. This is probably a really really silly way to talk about something as simple as a hashtag going viral but in the hell year of 2020 all of us on the left needed a good thing to happen. Before I say this though, the two progressive juggernauts Jamaal Bowman and Cori Bush would run as leftists and defeat Establishment mainstays Elliot Engel and Lacy Clay. This was a blip of hope in this sea of despair and no doubt it helped set … Continue reading The Dawn comes: the story of the Red Hashtag

Cries about Cancel Culture are silly

It seems that one of the topics I often get most angry about these days are when powerful people are crying about how open debate and the free exchange of ideas are not being valued for overly ideological younger people and partisans. Often the free speech crazies target the left, demonizing them as totalitarian snowflakes that cannot tolerate another point of view and hide in safe spaces to avoid being “triggered”. Often this is a thinly veiled sneering contempt for their own retrograde beliefs that under any real scrutiny is pathetic and does not even qualify as an idea worthy … Continue reading Cries about Cancel Culture are silly

Shade Rants: Laughing at Reactionaries

Warning, this is a segment that is meant to be very vulgar and explosive in nature. There is some reasoning but is mostly an excuse to vent. Reader discretion is advised…. I often see my fellow lefties or liberals laughing at especially ridiculous reactionary media figures or even the President of the United States. I do not find any of the following people funny: Donald Trump, Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro, Jessie Lee Peterson, and Dave Rubin. I value dunking on pieces of garbage like Shapiro but I do not think laughing at Alex Jones and his insanity are … Continue reading Shade Rants: Laughing at Reactionaries

Shade Reviews: Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing has always been an odd duck amongst Nintendo’s strong main franchises. Introduced for the Nintendo Gamecube, this life simulation game with cute animals and a real time game clock, was immediately beloved by its own niche of hardcore fans. It was a game that was difficult to explain to folks because of the mundane things you actually did in game. However, you cannot really understand the appeal unless you actually play it. The most recent entry for the Nintendo Switch, Animal Crossing New Horizons, is one of the rare moments, where a release date delay can really make … Continue reading Shade Reviews: Animal Crossing New Horizons

Postmortem: 2020 Democratic Primary

This year is the worst timeline. We have a global pandemic and are on the verge of the second Great Depression. The Trump administration is using the chaos to advance authoritarian policies and Bernie conceded the primary and endorsed Joe Biden. The future for my generation and all young people looks dim and the coronavirus is killing folks. I have waited to write my complete autopsy of this hellish beginning of 2020 but will be doing so now. Firstly, I am will discussing the disgusting Democratic primary and the aftermath. The coronavirus and the second coming of the Great Depression … Continue reading Postmortem: 2020 Democratic Primary

Update and Politics

Hi I haven’t written in a while and am hoping to keep this informal and free flowing so that I can get my thoughts out but won’t worry about organizing. These past few weeks have been difficult for not just me but the whole world. I cannot speak for those people who are feeling the brunt of this biological horror known as the coronavirus but I do hope for their safety and that anyone who has it recovers. The likelihood of deaths is really frightening and the actions of our politicians is quite disgusting but is still remarkably a good … Continue reading Update and Politics

It’s the end of the world as we know it?

Coronavirus has exposed the hollow bareness of this craven capitalist system. The Fed didn’t even blink or ask how are we going to pay for it before pumping 1.5 trillion dollars to ease the drop. It lasted 15 minutes and then dropped again. I never again want to here anybody say we can’t afford any programs to help people. This is a real fucking crisis and we cannot afford to wait for the people in power to do the right thing. Capitalism has enabled this by treating people as less than human. Bernie is behind in delegates and the cancelling … Continue reading It’s the end of the world as we know it?

2016 part 2: 2020 edition

Super Tuesday was a major let down for us who support Senator Bernie Sanders for president of the United States. The primary is his biggest obstacle. He can beat Donald Trump and I believe that still. However, the Democratic party has shown us once again what they exist for. As Chantal Mouffe would say, they exist to contain the excess energies of the left and contain them. The Democratic Party is one half of the business party and the other half is the reactionary right wing Republican party. The Republican party loves Trump and to the right’s credit, they understand … Continue reading 2016 part 2: 2020 edition

2020 post super tuesday

I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t dejected right now. I haven’t been sleeping well and I need to use better self care for the rest of the week. Make no mistake this primary contest is not over but the establishment used all the tricks it could muster to manufacture a strong Super Tuesday showing for Joe Biden. I honestly feel very angry at the folks who thought that Biden was better and were far more concerned about electability then long term politics. Because Biden cannot win against Trump. We tried this in 2016. The left cannot … Continue reading 2020 post super tuesday

2020 so far: sigh

2020 has been a complete and utter catastrophe so far. Trump has been acquitted for impeachment on both counts, which while not a surprise, is annoying because the Democrats didn’t put forward the strongest possible case for impeachment. The Ukraine “scandal” was not something that most Americans gave even the littlest amount of a shit about and the Russiagate fearmongering that preceded the Ukraine thing was such a good look into what the Democrats wanted to concentrate on. The supposed inherent virtue of our institutions and the system meant that the thing that offended the elites the most was what … Continue reading 2020 so far: sigh

2020 starts with a bang

2020 is exhausting and it has only been two weeks. Australia is on fire, Trump declared war on Iran by assassinating a top Iranian official, and the Democratic party is about to begin. This is also not even contending with the concentration camps at the border, the continuing scapegoating of anyone who looks Iranian by customs etc etc. So yes, it has been really really depressing. Tonight is the last debate and the prelude to this debate has been a rehashing of the 2016 Clinton strategy of calling Bernie and his supporters sexist. Bernie has risen to the top in … Continue reading 2020 starts with a bang