My thoughts on abridged series

I have been a huge fan of the abridged series formula on Youtube for over ten years now. I came into it a bit late and my favorites in the beginning were Yu-gi-oh the abridged series (now approaching the final season with 81 episodes covering almost 200 episodes of the original series) and Naruto abridged (dormant and not likely to recover). Since then the standouts in the community were Team Four Star, which was a group effort and was Dragon ball Z abridged so it was bound to get views and too many others to mention. I say too many others but I actually haven’t watched too many others because for me part of the joy for me is seeing the actual series represented and satirized. If I haven’t seen the series I cannot get a lot of the jokes and that is part of the fun for me. Even Dragon ball Z, which is an anime/manga I am very familiar with, had jokes in the abridged series that were clever but took me time to get.

Comedy is really tough. When I was younger I really envied people who were funny. I cannot be funny on command and am more likely to be funny when  I am not trying. This is very frustrating because it means half of the time I am making people laugh because of my frustration and not from actual effort. But I have made peace with it somewhat. Years ago I decided to start my own abridged series of Shaman King. I only released one episode and I have to admit I think it wasn’t my best work. I was just thrilled to put one together and am thinking about trying to do a second episode now years later. I think I went into it breaking rules that I myself, thought were important when I made it. First of all, the series has to actually have a fan base and the more popular a series the more likely you are to get views due to simple youtube searches gone awry. Shaman King is not a well known series and the anime isn’t even that great compared to the manga. I love the manga to death and the adaptation into anime wasn’t good regardless if you see it subbed or dubbed. In fact a lot of my favorites didn’t get the anime they deserved, like Rurouni Kenshin.

I think I want to revive the series but I want to make it short and simple.

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