Republican politicians are not your friends

I have heard the bemoaning of lack of unity and bipartisanship too much in the era of Trump. However, it is almost never used as a cudgel against the right as much as it is against the left. The Democrats(who are not the left but are supposed to represent us) are always supposed to be the ones to reach across the aisle to get stuff done. I have a few very important questions to this conventional wisdom:

What could they possible work together on if they truly are people with different ideologies and opinions?

Why is one party expected to be more understanding and compromising but the other side is allowed to spew violent rhetoric and lies without even being able to simply dismiss what they say as lies?

In the end it is very clear to me what the answers to these questions are. The Democratic Party is comfortable being the party that values order and process over the actual goals that they say they are fighting for. Their other purpose is to control the excess energies of the actual left and control it so it cannot aggravate the powerful. Now, there is some value to this arrangement. The left has a very difficult time unifying due to our diversity of thought and ideas. However, the center being the leader is more often a way to prevent any of us from getting what we want.

When I hear Joe Biden saying that Mitch McConnell is an okay guy or so is Vice President Mike Pence, I want to vomit. These people are not worth that kind of kindness. You cannot work with them because they DO NOT want to work with you. They want you to give them what they want and be a good little punching bag so they can get elected again. The Republican Party hasn’t had to deal with an actual opposition party in a long time let alone an actual authentic left opposition. Any legislation that the center and the right are able to pass is not going to be worth anything to the base of the Democratic Party or working people in general. The division the establishment bemoans is more that they feel uncomfortable with the actual genuine unhappiness and anger that they have caused.

Every single Republican who was elected into government to obstruct and hamstring it doesn’t belong there. I have no problem with conservatives in fact we have too many of them in the Democratic Party. I would rather have them be their own party. I think conservatives who are genuine about wanting to work things out via government are way better then the Republican party.  I do not want a single Republican to be seen as an ally in Congress. You should treat them with the same disgust they treat your constituents.

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