Rewriting Baby arc into a movie pt 1

Dragon ball GT had a lot of potential as a series and had some truly interesting ideas in it. The problem was the very poor execution and the inclusion of some very very bad arcs. Just an fyi, if you haven’t watched Geekdom’s video on this on youtube you should as he is the inspiration for this post. Now I will be rewriting the baby arc as a standalone movie for Dragon Ball Super. This arc will take place after the Broly movie and will assume the Moro stuff hasn’t happened. The movies did tend to ignore the anime and plot arcs so I will go forward assuming the movies are their own continuity.

We will start off by witnessing the broken memories of the prince tuffle as his planet Plant was conquered by the Saiyan King. The Saiyan King will not be Vegeta’s father but his grandfather. I think this would be fun to show some cool action scenes and give some time for Vegeta’s father to get some fighting too. THis would be a  young King Vegeta(aka when he was a prince). Maybe we can also introduce a possible mother for Vegeta(the one and only prince of our hearts) :p.

Then we get hooked back to the present where the unknown Tuffle wakes up in an incubation chamber surrounded by alien doctors. We get some over the top monologuing and then cue title credits and stuff. Cue to Vegeta and Goku training on Dende’s lookout and we do some catching up with our characters. Krillin doing his police officer gig is about to arrest some criminals when one of them attacks him in a mech, however he is stopped by another one of the two criminals. THis will be Uub the reincarnation of Majin Buu. He hadn’t intended for this to go as far as it did. We are then shown that Uub is actually quite powerful but hasn’t gotten any formal training. Krillin recommends he train under Master Roshi but Roshi recommends he train with Tien instead because he feels that Tien has come a long way as a teacher.

Goku, of course will have to eventually fight Uub because he’s a strong guy and it is quickly revealed that he is stronger than Tien already even after just a month of training. Goku wants to teach him how to fight and Uub refuses as he is a very polite and not actually fond of how Goku acts.

We return to the Tuffle Prince who is captured by a Galactic Patrol team who reveal that the group of aliens were smugglers and that they planned to sell the artificial Tuffle on the black market on (insert planet here). The Galactic Patrol mention that Saiyans still live, and Baby is immediately infused with rage. He manages to trick members of the group and get them cut so he can infect them.

TO be continued

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