Impeachment, division and the 2020 election

It is official, the Democrats are finally going forward with impeachment. There is little chance of the Republicans convicting in the Senate but the simple exercise is better than nothing. Now I have heard a lot of disagreement amongst the left, the social democratic liberals, and the centrists about this issue. We on the left are incredibly cynical as Trump has been able to get away with far worse shit then trying to bribe a foreign official to get dirt on a candidate he WILL NOT BE RUNNING AGAINST. Honestly, emoluments, concentration camps, war crimes, and his advocacy of right wing extremist policies are enough in my opinion, to go forward. But no they decided to only go forward when one of the their fellow elites was targeted. Yes I am bitter but I also support impeachment.

There is real concern that this will actually weaken the Democrats before the 2020 elections and will distract from other important policies. I understand this criticism and think there is definitely merit there. The Democrats have been an ineffective opposition because they hold process and the system over the actual American people. Why would they undermine their own authority by doing what the people want? Anyways the primary will still continue and it will be our job to get the message out. It was always up to the grassroots to educate the American people on who the best candidate was and you can bet the candidates will continue to press forward.

There is also concern that this will galvanize the right and give them a boost when the Republican party inevitably quashes the entire ordeal in the Senate. I don’t think there is anything we can do to stop the rabid Republican base from being active. Trump is their guy and is the right wing id. They will be active and have the money to fight back just like always but if you think that the processing of Trumps crimes in public hearings does nothing, I understand the sentiment but it does have some effect. The Republican Party has seen more retirements under this presidency in longer than I have been alive. On the left, we see them getting everything they want and can’t even get our own representatives to fight back, and we are reasonably angry and cynical. The Republican party cannot be so brazen and expect not to get some retaliation. THe brazen racism and style of the right wing fascist is not appealing to a majority of the country. Remember that the right wing parties rely on smaller pockets to win and that this is a real concern.

I am a Bernie supporter and I would also like to remind my fellow Berners that the bias against Bernie will continue. Regardless of the shenanigans of the DNC and the impeachment this is still a hard fight. It is tempting to see the coalition around Elizabeth Warren as a sign that the centrist establishment has decided to support her because she will play ball with them. I think she would play ball with them. I prefer Bernie Sanders and believe that Elizabeth Warren wouldn’t be able to galvanize the movement necessary to get shit done. No matter who is president we need grassroots movement that will continuously be watching the powerful and make them uncomfortable. They work for us and that is why Bernie is the better candidate. He understands that the systemic change required is only going to happen with outside pressure and inside pressure. Neither candidate is anti-capitalist. So both are compromises in my eyes but they are damn near the best candidates we have gotten since FDR.

I will vote for Warren if she wins and will vote for her with less sadness than I would for a Joe Biden or Pete Buttigieg. However, I am concerned that her professorial manner and her technocratic acumen will not be able to beat the bullying  bluster of Donald Trump. Bernie is able to eliminate everything that made Trump appealing to the people he got to vote for him. Similar to last time, running a candidate that has baggage that is easy to exploit is not a good idea. Bernie is the only candidate that will bring change. I also think that the only chance of incremental change is through Bernie. Feel the Bern 2020

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