Racism is not an acceptable opinion

There is a lot of talk about respecting people’s difference of an opinion and that otherwise it makes “freedom of speech” impossible. You must tolerate the intolerant or you are being intolerant. Who are you to judge someone? Many issues in the political discourse are nuanced and cannot be easily summarized but we ALSO cannot deny that there are some issues that are settled. The truth will not win if we don’t respect the truth and facts. This is why the Republican party is a terrorist organization.  They are ideologically backwards and rely on racism and hatred to get elected. They rely on billionaires to get their message out and use bullying tactics to prevent the pushback their ideas naturally evoke. This is why they whine about free speech so much. They would prefer to not have to defend their ideas under scrutiny or face any sort of of condemnation for it. They also are aware of how much people hate their ideas.

I do not think it is wrong to consider a topic settled and not something we should have to rehash over and over again. However, they rely on the indecision or they would never win. If someone has a racist ideology I do NOT respect them.  I do not respect their difference of opinion because it isn’t an opinion. They are just wrong and I am not interested in debating whether a group is worthy of basic human respect and dignity. You cannot convince them to be better people. You can only defeat them and make sure their ideas are challenged again and again until they can be successfully marginalized. Yes it is not healthy to have a well funded network of hateful organizations that spread hate, lies, and war. We can have nuanced discussions on issues and I know that actual conservatives that are interested in having these discussions are out there and are worth having those conversations with. I do not dislike conservatives who are honest and are able to talk about these things in a nuanced manner. However, I am reasonably certain that conservatives also have things that they presuppose in conversations and are not neccessarily racist scumbags. The Republican party is not conservative. They are a reactionary right party that is getting fairly close to fascism. I will not tolerate the intolerant.

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