Destiny: Failstreamer

Destiny has recently been having actual leftists on more recently to debate him. I thought this was a good thing in general but I do think it has exposed his own failings very clearly. First of all, the guy is clearly much more comfortable debating right wingers. I think his clearly aggressive style and aloof, assholish demeanor is the perfect foil for the right because they very often are very similar. It also doesn’t actually take much to dismantle their arguments. However, Destiny is also very capable of arguing for extended lengths of time and enjoys it. I think this is very important. Not everyone on Earth is someone who enjoys arguments or even debates. It can be emotionally taxing and difficult. Debate is often necessary but often the parameters mean that their rarely is an actual meeting of the minds and is more of a contest to see who wins.

The left has the better arguments but unlike the right and centrists(liberals) the intracacies of policy and ideology is not something that can be explained quickly. This makes it much harder to win in a society where soundbites and quick rhetoric is more pervasive. The left cannot make their arguments quicker and this is a difficult hurdle to get over. Destiny, was always, in my opinion, an intensely unpleasant person. He even admitted to being a sociopath and I agree completely. His ability to argue dispassionately on issues that are often life or death for millions of people can only be a result of him not empathizing and less to do with his devotion to logic.

Destiny crossed the line in the debate with NonCompete’s Emerican Johnson when he argued that a point in favor for Capitalism was that communist Vietnam and those places like it couldn’t militarily defend themselves against more powerful capitalist enemies. This is completely disgusting and is basically a might makes right argument. This is a fascist idea and is beneath the dignity of anyone. The fact that this didn’t make Destiny feel ashamed is really amazing. This is exactly what is immoral about Capitalism. Capitalism was so insecure that it had to use military force to defeat fledgeling communist countries in order to prevent the working people of the world from realizing that they deserve better. The military strength isn’t a positive. Sure it worked but I don’t think it is a good argument to make for Capitalism. In fact, this is exactly why the system is wrong and a failure. The constant growth means that violence is necessary to feed the constant need for profits. Destiny is truly disgusting and needs to wake up.

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