The right hates democracy

The current right wing in the United States of America has contempt for democracy. You see it every day and in their efforts to suppress voters to maintain power. The press acts flummoxed when the Republican party continues to act hypocritical and fascistic and yet this is all very predictable. Honestly, anyone who has seen just a few clips of Fox News should understand how the right wing operates. They do not offer ideas but exist to maintain the people in power and prevent the undesirables from making any progress. However, the right cannot win if they rely on majority support. Despite the current capture of both the Senate and the Presidency, the Republican Party’s ideas are not popular and their electability will continue to decrease the more diverse the country becomes. This is why they hate democracy. They cannot win by actually having ideas and winning majority support. The Right has managed, through expansive media reach, deep coffers, and subterfuge to remain relevant. The left doesn’t have the money or the media reach of the right but it isn’t like we every really mattered in the end. Our country was founded by business owners and both parties are two segments of the business party. The major difference between the two is that one believes in effective government and process and the other one is willing to do whatever it takes to win. The Republican party and the right wing media are hatemongers and disgusting and they are responsible for the latest bouts of right wing extremist terrorism. We need to treat the party as what they are: enemies.

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