We could end poverty if we just tried.

If a 3.8% tax was imposed on everyone at double the poverty line, we could end global poverty today. You heard me right, we can end poverty right now. We have the resources and the prosperity, we just lack the will. This is really disturbing to me how this hasn’t been done yet. What kind of monsters are we that we don’t demand that our elected leaders force the very richest people to shoulder a higher burden and for all of us to band together to help everyone who needs it. We as human beings shouldn’t ever be reduced to a dollar sign. There is a sickness that our world has contracted and we all must try to fight it. Capitalism is immoral and we should be doing everything we can to make sure nobody goes hungry and has their needs met. Nobody should be able to blow people up for weapons contractors and oil. Nobody should be forced to work in sweat shops to give a corporation a profit. We can do better and we must.

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