Fissure in the Democratic Party


“At its root, then, the Democratic Party is more a contradiction than a coalition: a giant, lumbering political machine piloted by centrists and undergirded by corporate money, yet paradoxically the default vehicle for opposition to an increasingly feral and reactionary right”.

(quote from above Jacobin article)

This line is a bit flowery but I think it perfectly sums up the problem in the current political climate of the United States. It is a age old problem that has always plagued the left, the problem of us tending to eat each other and self-sabotage. The right has always been better at falling in line and following the “dear leader”. However, the answer to this problem from our current dismal dollar drenched Dems, is to have a centrist leadership corral the entire coalition via strict discipline and focus group tested policy releases. This of course, is bad for policy but it has successfully dominated the formerly New Deal friendly Democratic Party.

I am not going to pretend that we don’t have a problem on the left of forming meaningful coalitions and not self-sabotaging each other. It is a real problem that comes with the various ideologies under the left banner. However, the current leadership is NOT left wing so that is why they have been able to hold on to power. I am not saying that the left cannot hold onto power. In fact, one of the major problems of the current Democratic Party is that it is afraid of wielding power. Now I personally think it is part afraid and part unwilling as unlike some others, I believe wholeheartedly that many of the major political moves are made by people are willing to fight for things that they personally believe in. The only way we can get any change, even incremental changes, is to fight with everything we have. Let me repeat this: in order to even get the bare minimum of change we need to fight with everything we have. The right has been successful due to the advantages of money, time, and relentless assaults.

I also cannot underemphasize the importance of optics. We all laughed our asses off at the stupid Republicans for trying to repeal Obamacare so many times. Nobody thought it would succeed and there was no expectation that it would. But the important thing is that the Republicans were putting on a show for their base. They were fighting for what the base wanted them to fight for, and this IS SO IMPORTANT. Even  if you fail and waste time and political capital fighting a losing battle, this may in the long run be crucial. The appeal of Bernie Sanders is that he has, for his entire career been consistent on the most important issues. It is only now that these issues have become pervasive in the discussion. See, the actual political message and narratives control the entire way that the system works and how we can get change. Nothing will get done if you don’t make sure we will not be ignored.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership however, are more concerned with maintaining power rather then actually give the base what they want. Pelosi gave Trump more money for his freaking concentration camp and she and the media are attacking the squad( Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez NY- D, Ayanna Pressley MA- D, Ilhan Omar MN- D, Rashida Talib  D) for daring to vote against the bill. The base is with them and that is what is most frustrating. They are willing to side with a party that will always treat them like trash, against supposed political allies. We don’t need allies that don’t support the most important issues of the day. See we can unite but we do not need to be led by folks who will give the Republicans everything they want and only fight them on the way they talk and over decorum. See, they are allowed to imprison children but if they say curse words while talking about children being imprisoned, that is the real problem. Guess what, imprisoning children is wrong, imprisoning immigrants is wrong, the Republican Party is immoral. They are bad people and do not deserve protection. Let the squad show you how its done Pelosi and pals.

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