Current Events and feeling angry

The current status of politics in the world today is very disheartening and is bound to cause a lot of anger and sadness. I feel both of those things and it is draining. I keep up to date with current events despite how angry and sad it makes me because I feel obligated to. I understand that it is okay to take a brief respite but at the same time, it is also a a privilege that many other folks don’t have. African American men and women don’t get to choose whether or not they are judged for their race and likewise for any other person of color. The poor person doesn’t have a choice of whether to pay attention or not because their life is hectic enough without politics. The choices we do or do not have are not necessarily things of our own making and often have nothing to do with our moral character or hard work ethic.

I cannot help feeling smoldering anger towards the Republican Party. They have always been scum and I do not feel bad labeling them as mostly racist. However, what does this rage get me? Nothing really, but it does seen justified. I am more sad than mad though. Seriously hatred and division are not necessary and it is all so self-defeating. The problems we face as human beings are of our own making and we could solve if we could just get along. Hatred seems to fuel both major American parties but only one party seems to disregard kindness, love, empathy, and open mindedness as negative things.  Love is more powerful than hate but before we can love we must swallow the hate and learn to overcome it. The moment you run out of empathy the moment you forfeit most of your humanity. Without empathy and without our ability to live and care about other people, what is the point? What does White Supremacy do in the long run? When you define yourself as opposite to something else, when does it end? It is destructive and cannot build anything. The White Supremacist lot couldn’t build shit to save their life. They relied on the forced labor of slaves and indentured servitude to build shit and barely worked a honest days work in their life. The Republican party is the party of hatred and cruelty. It is what drives them. I have no problem being seen as an extremist anymore. Nobody can be an extremist for justice, for love, for kindness or loyalty.

We could all use more love and kindness in the world.

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