Favorite Ace Attorney Prosecutors 10-7

On the other stand in each of the Ace Attorney titles stands a prosecutor that opposes you in most of the cases, and because of this, they are some of the most important characters in the series. Normally, each main title introduces a single new prosecutor that will oppose you in many of the cases. Currently, the main Ace Attorney series has 6 entries and 3 side outings that introduce multiple new detectives and prosecutors. I will be doing separate lists for both attorneys and prosecutors and will be listing all of them in the order I feel I like the best.

The criteria for my picks are as follows:

  • Strength of character arc
  • interesting quirks?
  • theme song
  • dialogue

Time for the list of prolific prosecutors:

10. Byrne Faraday (Ace Attorney: Investigations)

A prosecutor who happens to have a dark secret, we meet the father of thief in training Kay Faraday, during a fateful case in the first spin-off game starring Miles Edgeworth. Faraday is only on the list because he is a member of the Yata-garasu, a noble thief that is probably the precusor to Mask DeMasque. We don’t see him in the court and only get brief glimpses of his character through his daughter. However, the story behind him is interesting so I will give him that.

9. Nahyuta Sahdmadi (Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice)

Apollo’s brother, and son of the legendary attorney and revolutionary Durke, this man is a monk in pretty much every way. Nahyuta is introduced as an international sensation and the best prosecutor in the Kingdom of Khu’rain. Being a monk, he is extremely calm and is very seldom made uncomfortable. His ability to go with the flow and conceal his inner emotions make him a passable character but not a very good character by Ace Attorney prosecutor standards. He does tend to do sealing spells in court though, so there’s that.

8. Sebastian DeBeste (Ace Attorney Investigations 2)

This man has had it easy his whole life, despite being fairly unintelligent and being given a lot of responsibility. DeBeste is very arrogant and is able to be indulged due to having a competent guardian with him at all times. Edgeworth however, is able to crack his facade fairly easily and even give him a pep talk( in his own kind of way) and Sebastian is all the better for it. Despite being a total annoying child, he does have an entire arc in one game, and you get the sense that he really wants to be worthy of his last name. We didn’t get the second AAI in the USA and it is a shame because the story was so much better than the first one.

7.Franciska Von Karma (Phoenix Wright: Justice for all, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, Ace Attorney Investigations)

The main prosecutor of the second game, and daughter of the legendary Manfred Von Karma, she has big shoes to fit. When we are first introduced to her, she seems to be a carbon copy of her father, the same arrogance and dedication to being perfect. However, she is not driven by revenge for her Father’s sake at all. She blames Phoenix for driving Miles Edgeworth away from law. Her attachment to Miles and determination to beat him is the major driving force in her life. However, similarly to how Phoenix needs to learn his own path to what being a lawyer means to him, Von Karma must find her own path. Miles returns to help Phoenix but it will presumably take Franciska longer.

Similarly to her father she is a very forceful in the courtroom. Using a whip to control the judge and making sure the witnesses are kept from talking too long, she prefers to run a tight ship. However, difficult witnesses are as likely to annoy her as they are to annoy Edgeworth or Phoenix.


to be continued.


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