Rant: Rise of Skywalker rumors

So I heard that the plot about Rey’s parents being nobodies is gonna get retconned. I am not surprised but still fairly annoyed at this. The toxic fanbase of Star Wars is gonna get a major retcon in the final episode of the his new trilogy and to be honest, they still will probably hate it. Honestly, I don’t know many people who didn’t really dislike this film and I am one of the few who enjoyed it that I know. I should emphasize that I do not love the movie but find it very fun. It is Star Wars and I don’t expect high art out of these movies. But the more the backlash happened the more annoyed I got. And now that this new movie seems to already show signs of retconning a portion that I most appreciated in the last film, I am really depressed. I will still see the movie but I am disappointed.

The Star Wars universe has always been strongly tied to lineage and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but one of the coolest things about the Force is that it isn’t just something that depends on whether you are an aristocrat or what stock you come from. I know that many people were annoyed at what director Rian Johnson did and I personally liked the Last Jedi so I am already going into this movie annoyed. If the movie is good I won’t be too mad but I still resent the idea that a toxic fanbase can pressure a company to do what it wants. It limits the ability to tell cool stories and it makes meaningful stories harder to tell.

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