Prospects for a better society




I felt very miffed when I heard about the arrest of Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy. The disgusting persecution of journalists who divulge war crimes is something that makes me deeply uneasy. There are a lot of things that gets my anger flowing freely these days but none more than brazen lying. The idea that the United States is a democracy or even that we have human rights as one of our values, is enraging to me. How dare those of us who make it impossible for most of the world to live fulfilling lives say this crap. Furthermore, how can anyone defend a system like capitalism that encourages cruelty and cutting yourself off from others. I see people arguing in Manichean terms, of two opposing factions. Call it Hegelian dialectics or Manichean I see it as a dangerous oversimplification of horrific proportions. Morality is not just necessary it is the only thing that should guide public service. The Democratic Party has decided that it would rather lose to an openly fascistic Republican party then embrace the bare minimum of Social Democratic reforms. Social Democratic reforms will not save the world and will not save us from the evils of organized capital. After all it was the same Capitalists who were able to eliminate and destroy much of the New Deal’s stellar achievements. Furthermore the new deal didn’t even include the minority populations who built this country on their unpaid labor. The fact is that every major powerful company or state apparatus was built by legions of slave labor and wage slave labor. To this day, the prosperity of the third world is what allows the idea of Social Democracy to even be entertained. Even now diseases that are unthinkable in the first world, are being contracted in the poorest counties in the UNITED STATES OF FUCKING AMERICA.  The only way you could think that major societal change isn’t necessary is if you are ignorant or don’t give a flying fuck. Fascism will come unless the left is able to take power. I mean the actual left not liberals. I mean people who want to dismantle the cruel capitalist system in favor of a society with horizontal structures of power. Now I will go on to several issues and recent news stories that grind my gears in order to vent.


  1. RussiaGate and the Mueller Report

I was right about there being no collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russia government. Sure the mueller report hasn’t been released yet but the investigation is over and there are no more indictments coming. I still want to see the mueller report but Russiagate has already done what it intended to do. It was a massive distraction from the disaster of trump’s administration and from the debacle that was the democrat’s response. The democrats aligned themselves with the security state who has, without exception, quashed leftist dissent and made life hell for the constituents the democrat party pretends to care about. Even worse, it gives the trumpilstilsken a victory right before the 2020 election. It doesn’t matter if the report actually didn’t either acquit him of wrongdoing nor indict him for wrongdoing, the perception is what matters. It vindicates the base of the Republican party, who love him and will support him no matter what. it also divides the democratic party who were already divided due to differences in policy goals and strategy. regardless of the dumbasses who populate the right’s intellectual circles, they have been given a massive gift when the base of their opposiiton if marginalized by their own representatives.

  1. Assange

Say what you want about assange, but the idea of him being extradated to the united states is terrifiying. Freedom of speech is such a fucking pipe dream when neither party actually gives a damn about it.

  1. Centrists and the RIght

This is less of a news story and more of me ranting about how fucking stupid centrism is. Centrism is indecisiveness presented as if it is noble there is nothing more cowardly then being a centrist when people’s lives are in danger. but yet the centrists have their own political party, the democratic party. they will feign to care about actual left issues but will never actually fight for them. they need the republican party because the only way to make them seem tolerable is when the right are openly bloodthirstry and crazy. They work so well together. no matter what you are told, the democratic party is not a leftist party and not even a center left party. Bernie sanders is a center left kinda guy and he is portrayed as a freaking communist. I am a marxist and this offends me as he doesn’t actually want to get rid of capitalism. I fear that the next fascist superpower will soon awaken and it will be the united states. the united states has never opposed fascism without any reserves. they will always lump in the communists as the other extreme whenever they talk about hitler. of course they will never admit that they like using puppet regimes run by fascism in order to prevent actual democracies. anyone who says the left control the media or control academia or control anything, are fucking liars and need to shut the hell up.


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