Us: social commentary?

Us(2019) is a great new film that premiered last weekend. The main crux is that people have human doubles (called the tethered) that live underground and are literally forced to do whatever the original person is doing at all times. It is never explained how this has happened and this is all for the better. However, could there be social commentary hidden under this premise that arguably has some similarities to older horror films. The Day of the Dead comparisons are apt, considering the apocalyptic nature of the movie but at the same time, the specifics of the doppleganger’s plans ensure the hopelessness of the zombie outbreak in Day of the Dead isn’t there. It might just be in the title. The enemy is US. We are destroying ourselves. It isn’t at all subtle and would be ham-fisted if the movie didn’t dwell on it at all. The origins of the dopplegangers and motivations are not really that important. It is important to survive and the plight of the family is all that really matters. What do you think though? Do you think Peele worked in some social commentary like I think? I know I am not the first person to make that connection. However, how does the final twist impact the commentary? Let me know what you think.


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