Us movie review

I loved Jordan Peele’s directorial debut, Get Out. I admire his ability to write, direct and produce excellent movies that keep me entertained all the way through. I didn’t even know this movie was another one of his until I got to the theater as I hadn’t seen any trailers and was going with a friend. I got really excited when I saw who directed it. I rarely go to see horror movies with friends to the theater because many of my friends don’t really care for it. I really liked this movie. I have to say I wasn’t really surprised at the end twist and while I was creeped out, I wasn’t  really scared. The movie had strong acting, excellent pacing, and masterful cinematography.

Jordan Peele really enjoys his static shots in order to concentrate on symbolism and important foreshadowing and I found myself grinning to myself when I caught it. The dualist symbolism were littered through the movie and for a movie buff it is really rewarding to watch. I feel like a film student would have a field day with this movie and really enjoy the skill with which Peele structures his story. I feel like this movie was less subtle than Get Out but that it really didn’t hurt the film at all. Now Get Out wasn’t super subtle, but there were moments in the film when I didn’t catch the symbolism like I did with this movie. Maybe I’ve gotten better at finding it.

The stars of the movie were excellent especially Lupita N’Gyong who played our lead. This was an R rated movie that didn’t have cheap nudity or excessive violence. It was a solid horror movie that I would easily recommend to all the horror buffs.

I give Us (2019) a 8/10


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