New Zealand terror attack

I learned this morning that 49 people were gunned down in a mosque in New Zealand by a right wing extremist. Of course, we are immediately told not to politicize this by the right wing extremists. I say fuck them with a plastic shiv. I know my language is harsh but I am seriously tired of the right wing being treated with kid gloves when they are actually killing people and ruining people’s lives. As much as they bitch and moan about how the left or the Marxists run everything, they have all the power and none of the intellectual fortitude. They are good marketers and have money which is why they can endure the slings and arrows of the their moral betters. You understand I am not equivocating here. Leftists have a morally better belief system that comes from wanting everyone to have better more happy lives. We care about actual human beings and not about power and money. For those who say we can’t just argue with feelings and morals, I say you are only half right. Morals, perceived values and character go a long way. Policy and hard facts are super important as they are how we get to a better world. But don’t you dare pretend that not everyone shares the same values or ideas about what a country is or what human society should be. The right and the left don’t want the same world. Therefore it is useless to compromise with people who do not want the world to be a better place. It is because we do not share what we consider a better world that prevents compromise. Right wing extremists and terrorism is much more common than left wing these days. The left simply doesn’t have the infrastructure to do so. The right wing has every advantage and they still bomb mosques. I have no sympathy for those who treat other human beings as complete crap. I say all right wing hate groups must be forcibly disbanded. Freedom of speech isn’t an excuse if all you are doing is leading people to kill other people. And leftist ideology simply doesn’t have the same end goal of violence as the right wing extremists have. There is no comparison.


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