Social Democracy vs Socialism

I am a huge supporter of Bernie Sanders and he is my ideal candidate to face Donald Trump in the 2020 election. This time he seems to have way more of a chance to clear the hurdle that is most problematic for him: the Democratic primary. Due to tomfoolery, he lost the 2016 primary to Hillary Clinton but was able to get his message out to millions of people. It is unclear whether or not he was in it to win it, some feel that he acknowledged his intention to go all out in his campaign launch this time. This is all good but I see many political commentators whom I respect consistently defending social democracy as the ideal path moving forward. I should be clear, they do not say that this is the ideal forever but it is what they are fighting for. I agree that we should be fighting for social democracy as it has  proven track record of great things in the United States. The one difference this time would be current world affairs, and the inclusion of people of color. It is also important to recognize that as long as the rich have their money and their power, they will continue to fight to erode the social democrat gains. It is inevitable that whatever things are won will be rolled back. It is also important to recognize that capitalism requires consistent growth and profit making which requires lowering wages. The need to have the third world pick up the slack will erode the state funds as well, as the military and foreign policy apparatus will continue to be used to secure corporate interests in the third world. Social Democrats forget, I think, that the main problem of capitalism, is the need to make profit. Without profit the capitalist will be forced to use the state to take it however they can. The state will always side with their own class of elites. Once again social democracy cannot be the endgame, it must be the middle game. We must ensure the survival of the human species and the elimination of poverty, hunger, and war.


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