Donkey Kong and Lefties

I am so jealous that Hbomberguy and Ash Sakar got to do an interview together. These two are some of favorite people and I admit I am super jealous they got to hang out. I feel these two people are important messengers for the message of the true left. Hbomberguy is one of the best Youtube personalities out there. I discovered him when I was starting to get sick and tired of the Sargon of Akkads and people who seemed to rant about social justice warriors too much. Even when I was a supporter of people like TJ Kirk (The Amazing Atheist) I never really watched too much of their anti SJW content. I watched their older content and mostly their atheist content. However, I did start watching them in the thick of the anti-SJW hysteria. I always couldnt understand the outrage about it. However, I liked Hbomberguy because not only was he funny and charming, but he represented an intersection of gamer, leftist, and social justice that I had rarely seen on Youtube. The thing about gamergate that annoyed me the most was that I felt that gamers should know better. People who are socially awkward should not sympathize with the bullies. It feels good to feel morally and righteously indignant.  Hbomberguy has also been emotionally vulnerable in his videos and been open about the importance of acceptance and love. THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT. Ash Sakar is an important figure for the left also as she is an outspoken Marxist. In today’s age where anything to the left of Bernie Sanders is EVUUUUUUL. It is refreshing. Hbomberguy was on Ash’s show to talk about his live stream that raised unbelievable amounts of the money for trans rights. The live stream was him playing Donkey Kong 64 and even Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared in the chat. It was an incredible thing and it shows you that the left is not weak. I also admit I am personally biased on this. I feel affirmed and validated by this success because it tells me I am not alone. I have been feeling lonely and it is good to see this outpouring of love and support for trans folks who are facing a lot of hardship. This is good and I want to encourage it. Remember that you are great and you are not alone. We adults should remember that it is okay to be ourselves. We should relearn the lessons of kindergarten. We need to be more kind, humble, generous, and loving.


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