Hope and Hell

This is a rant that I gave a generic title to so that I might have the freedom to go on whatever tangents I feel I need to in this post. I feel that my writing flows better when I don’t try to organize too much and this is something I still am working on in regards to my dream of becoming a better writer. I believe my greatest weakness, writing wise, is that I rush and cannot channel my thoughts and ideas effectively. Here is a good example of this. When I was in middle school I went to a private school in Kensington, Maryland and was given the opportunity to participate in a class-made opera which would be written by students. Several kids came up with ideas for the plot and story and mine was voted the best. I am embarassed to say that the story was quite transparently a screed on my jealous rage towards a fellow student who also liked the same girl I did. However, the story would change a bit as the writing of the actual script was to be a group effort. I was indignant that I wasn’t the head writer because it was my idea. Furthermore, the person chosen was the dude who I was jealous of. However, it might have been a good choice to have group effort. I wasn’t a good team player especially when my idea was being tinkered with. However, had I just acknowledged my weaknesses I might have been able to help more. I was also 13 so, being a 13 year old boy is always a good recipe for maturity (hardy har har).

Anyways on to the actual topics of the rant. First of all, the 2020 primary is already starting up and of course the attacks against Bernie Sanders are already flying. Bernie hasn’t even launched his campaign and the media is already brazenly smearing him dishonestly. I hate liars in the media and the worst part is often the lies are not even that simple. It is never just straight up a lie, it is mostly taking the bare minimum of truth, enough to plea accuracy, but obfuscate the reality. For instance, you concentrate on a certain part of a statement and ignore the rest in order to change the context and meaning of a political statement.  For Medicare for all, they report that it will cost a certain amount and ignore the savings people will have from not paying health insurance premiums and more importantly, that it is cheaper than our current system.

I am already annoyed and know it will only get worse. I am Bernie 2020 all the way and hope the Democratic party doesn’t fuck this up. I also want to rant a bit about social democracy and socialism. I am on board in making the United States embrace the social democracy that used to exist here. This time we should make sure it includes everyone including African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, and other folks who before were not included in the New Deal and Great Society. The New Deal was impossible without the support of racists the first time as the Democrats still were dependent on a solid number of Dixiecrats in the south. This time we should do better.

We cannot stop at social democracy though. It is not the best possible government and we need to try to shoot for a better world. Social democracy would still rely on capitalism and therefore, it would still have the weaknesses of the economic system. Not only would there be ample ways to roll back the reforms again, but consumption and growth are necessary for capitalism to continue. I hate to say it but there are not infinite resources on planet Earth even if climate change wasn’t threatening another mass extinction event. Without the third world under the thumb of other world powers, capitalism cannot function and eventually the race to the bottom will reach the bottom. The rich need people to be poor and to be dependent. So I say again, social democracy is a reasonable first step, but we cannot stop there.


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