Democracy’s enemies

Did you know that Democracy was actually intended to be a slur? In Ancient Greece the word was used as a derisive slight against the perceived threat to order that the desires of multitudes of individuals brought to the table. I have been to Athens and I have been to a hill that served as the meeting place for councils in which every Greek citizen was able to raise their concerns. This must have been hell. Yes after all if everyone wants something different, of course that might create a bit of chaos. See, the powerful see the real struggle as order versus chaos. Honestly, this is also why centrists are also much more likely to lean right then left. Change is never good for those who are content where they are. It is important to recognize that built into most Western powers were notions of both individual liberty but also the importance of tradition and order. It rarely came up that if you were to pursue your own individual self-interest at all costs, it might end up colliding with another person doing the exact same thing. What if your own goals are more important that maintaining a tradition that you were never really all that attached to to begin with? Out goes your supposed religious faith if it gets away from power. The whole red scare was the powerful scaring the rest of the population from actually trying to figure out a way to help themselves. The red scare was a ploy to make sure that everyone behaved themselves as a collective but only in their opposition to the only struggle that could help everyone : class struggle. The powerful have the means to get whatever they want and don’t need people the same way everyone else does. So whenever someone is whining on television about how Russia interfered in our democracy, I roll my eyes and feel very angry. How dare you blame another country for doing what our country does to their own people and all the other countries!! Oh boo hoo, Trump is actually not hiding the ugliness that comes with being raised into powerful families and is symptomatic of the rich’s lack of empathy and morality. Russia didn’t destroy this country. The credit goes to the people who use their power to hold the rest of their fellow citizens down. The billionaires and millionaires do not need the money they have. They do not require it to survive. Furthermore the lobbying of the oil tycoons has pretty much ensured that the planet Earth is beyond saving. You might have caused the extinction of the human race. Think I am being hyperbolic? What else do you expect to happen when large swaths of land become uninhabitable in the near future? You think the rich need you to survive this? They would sacrifice you in an instant to prolong their career of mooching. They aren’t the best of of us, as our dear Orange Fuhrer has so eloquently proven. In fact, they are the worst of the worse. Never forget, they will never work for you.


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