PayGo and the infuriating Third Way

Once again the corporate Democrats have stabbed the constituents of the supposed left wing party in the back. Paygo is a way of limiting the raising of taxes in order to fund government spending. It doesn’t matter that we never have to worry about the amount when it comes to spending money on killing people or giving the wealthiest people in the world tax cuts. Apparently morality is only for the poor and powerless. The fact that the new House majority would handicap themselves and turn against their own base is hardly surprising. New House Majority leader Nancy Pelosi is quite clear in her obsession with bipartisanship and pragmatism. Whenever these words come up we must be wary. After all bipartisanship is only good if there is a true compromise. But more often than not, bipartisanship is simply giving the Republican party most of what they want but slightly less awful than their starting goal. The Democratic Party in the United States is simply there to control the left. They have no interest in working for their own constituents. Their only fight their hardest when they need to corral the supposed radicals in their own tent. However, heaven forbid you recognize that an entire party has contempt for you and will argue in bad faith no matter what. The Marketplace of ideas is bullshit because objective reality is not something that anyone really cares about. Some ideas are dumb and are awful and never work. But they don’t need to work to be relevant because as long as there is someone talking about it that is able to pretend to be credible.  This is why we must always fight because even to have a moderate majority both sides must fight as hard as they can. But the Democrats will not work for you. Don’t give up but recognize that the only way the left can win is by forcing the government to fall to its knees. Overwhelm them with sheer numbers and grit. The rich are powerless without their ability to command others.


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