Knock Knock: Disappointing Pizza

I am a fan of Eli Roth, and I was looking forward to seeing Knock Knock. I admit as a young man, the attractive females were a part of the reason I wanted to see the film. But that doesn’t mean that I cannot recognize a good film. Eli Roth however, is a hit or miss kind of guy, in my opinion. I really enjoyed Cabin Fever and thought it was easily his best film I’ve seen that he has directed. I even sort of enjoyed Aftershock, as it was tense and a fast moving ride. I don’t hate dark comedy and I can handle mean-spirited humor, so this film should have worked for me. However, I felt really mixed in the end. Keanu Reeves is a likable lead and Eli Roth actually cut down on the violence and nudity in this film. Most of the film’s R rating came from psychological torture, and a lone rape scene where the male lead is raped. The mean spirited humor could have worked if I felt more connected to the female villains. I understand I am supposed to hate them, and they certainly sold crazy, but the problem was that the over the top craziness actually took away a lot of my enjoyment for once.  Which for me, is a shame because I usually enjoy craziness in films like this. Also Keanu’s breakdown scene seemed to me to be an attempt to show us the real him, but for most of the movie, he does seem to be both a good father and husband. You really do like him and the amount of time the girls spend seducing him is nothing short of herculean. I feel like there were good things in this movie but it felt jilted and disconnected. I would say that it is disappointing but I think that might just be me. I feel like a different person would really enjoy it so I can safely say, rent it and see what you think. If you don’t like Eli Roth don’t bother. This is easily the film I like the least out of his films that I have seen.


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