Ghostly Trio: Good Ghost Movies


I love ghosts don’t you like ghosts? Before I start sounding like Jack Fenton and making bad ghost puns, let me just say, these movies are just three I really enjoyed. If you don’t like them, that’s cool. I like movies everyone hates all the time, and that doesn’t take away from how I feel about them. The great thing about all forms of art, is that your own likes and dislikes, are subjective. Now here we go :


Holy boooooooooooo merang, Batman, this was an enjoyable film. There is something really special about a film that concentrates on a smaller, tightly knit cast, that is endearing and allows great character development. The family is of course, the ideal choice for films like this, but the strength of this kind of movie is heavily emphasized on the strength of the cast and the atmosphere of the location or locations. Insidious is another film from director James Wan, and Insidious has spawned a few sequels due to its success. However, the first one is far more effective than the second in my opinion. The lore and use of the otherworldly plain is wonderful and compelling as hell. The performances by Patrick Wilson and the entire family was good, especially the medium played by Lin Shae. Definitely recommend this movie for sheer atmosphere.

Sinister (2012)

Tell me if you’ve heard this before, a down on his luck author, goes somewhere haunted in order to jump start his formerly stellar career. Yep gotta love cliches fam. Ethan Hawke is Harlan Ellison, a combination of two epic horror novelists. This movie reinvents the freaking BOOGIE MAN. On one hand, that is phenomenally stupid, on the other hand, I love it. The film oozes atmosphere and the super 8 films that show the grisly murders that are the center of the film are intense. I also can’t help liking Officer So and So, who is a fan of the main characters, and is his sole believer. Vincent D’nofrio makes a brief appearance as a college professor who explains the lore behind the main film baddie, Buguhl. The film is tense and creepy and doesn’t overuse the jump scares. However, the fact of the matter is, the film didn’t scare me. IT gave me goosebumps though and I really did enjoy it. Give it a watch if you get a chance.

The Babadook

You need to watch this movie. It is really good. Find it on Netflix and watch it. It is by far one of my favorites and I am actually going to watch it right now due to me not being able to concentrate.


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