Release Schedule: Muertos

Because Halloween is fast approaching I feel that it is only right that I give the readers on wordpress a schedule on what will be uploaded in the following weeks. Currently I am working on the second draft of my longest Muertos story, in order to improve the overall quality and strengthening the characters. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of giving me feedback on my stories. Your feedback is as important as my own critical editing and I want your help making my stories better. I believe a group process might be able to give my writing its best quality possible. But without further ado here is my schedule:

Dias de los Muertos: Sabado (second draft) uploaded by the 21st of October

Dias de los Muertos Lunes (first draft complete by October 23rd)

I will also be combining the small parts of Lunes into a single post today, as it is too short  in some areas to really be called an adequate part. Halloween will hopefully include the next part of my sci-fi/ horror series that might be getting a new title.

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