Dias de los Muertos Lunes: pt 3

Before either brother could say anything they heard their sister calling them. The two boys exchanged knowing looks and proceeded to join their sister. The courtyard in the center of the temple always made Carter feel queasy. The area smelled of jasmine and other sweet odors that turned his stomach. The incense was always heavy and the entire area was dominated by many candles and elaborate candelabras. Tall statuary of various ethereal creatures and many armed humanoid monstrosities stood in the corners of the courtyard. These stone behemoths were eerie sentinels and always made whoever entered the courtyard uneasy.

Sitting on a mat in the center of the courtyard was the young latina maid Eliza, who was the caretaker of the ranch while their grandmother was ill. Eliza was very beautiful and Carter and Ken were certain they would never meet anyone as beautiful. Despite the lack of noise she stood up immediately as the three sibling approached her. She turned towards them, her serene expression didn’t fit the tears streaming out of her eyes. She didn’t say a word and left quickly but not before handing a sheet of paper to Mayu. Before the three could say anything, she quickly ran out of the temple. The front door banged ominously as she left.

Mayu was frustrated and left quickly leaving the two brothers to look over the paper. The extremely tidy scrawl they quickly identified as belonging to their grandmother, was covering the small piece of paper. Carter made a face as he realized how difficult it would be to read. Knowing their grandmother, she would not accept any mistakes which meant they needed to be very careful.

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