Anime Suggestions

Recently I have been on an anime kick and I have been enjoying it immensely. I’ve always really enjoy anime and manga but my taste has always been extremely basic. This is why I have had so much fun discovering new ones and finding out some new favorites. Here are a few suggestions to help you find new good shows.

If you like shows like Naruto, or Dragon Ball, try My Hero Academia. This is perfect for the superhero buff too, as it is a take on the superhero genre from the East. This is fairly standard shonen fare but is character driven and hasn’t so far fallen into the typical shonen traps that come with power scaling or jumping the shark. The manga is ongoing and the author seems to understand how to write compelling characters.

Code Geass is fairly mainstream but recently I watched it and really enjoyed it. I feel like this is the show that Death Note could have been. Code Geass is basically Death Note plus giant robots and without too much supernatural mumbo jumbo. The series is also nearly 12 episodes longer so there is that as well. THe overall story and execution is better in my opinion and the protagonist is superior to Light Yagami but is just as smart. The supporting cast is also enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong I love Death Note too, but the second half of that show was fairly underwhelming. Code Geass has a similar ploy with the second half, story wise, but in this case, it is far superior. Not everything that happens is a master plan by a single dude, and this is one of the things I like best.

Death parade, is one of my top favorite anime now. It is only 12 episodes and I think the length and style of the series is what makes it so memorable. Not only does it take cues from the Buddhist theories on reincarnation and the Vedas, but it has strong characterizations and has some truly emotional moments.  I am currently watching Psycho Pass and it is also amazing. Imagine Black Mirror, in anime form, but with more 1984 than Twilight Zone. This combined with detective stories is what makes it strong. I couldn’t help smiling whenever I see the villain. I should clarify that this series is ongoing as well. Currently there are two seasons. I am on the first season. Check it out if you get the chance.


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