Miles Edgeworth: Character Analysis

Miles Edgeworth is the kind of character that I end up really liking because of the strength of his character arc. It is important to note, that personally, I probably wouldn’t get along with the prolific prosecutor. He is very cool, distant, and is not very emotional. These are all things that instantly put me on guard. I am more expressive, emotional, and passionate. I also do not have his deductive reasoning abilities. However, his character arc, is so good, and makes me really love the ability of this man, to reexamine his own belief systems and attitudes, and change for the better. Anyone who does that is worth fighting for,

When we meet him, he is known as the demon prosecutor who will do whatever he needs to to get a guilty verdict. We hear about him from the homicide detective who simply states it as fact, that Phoenix Wright, has no chance. There are also rumors of him using less ethical means to obtain his verdicts. In court, we see his dirty tactics that bend but don’t break the system but we don’t ever see any evidence of him forging evidence. He is smug and condescending and believes that his perfect record is all that matters. It isn’t the simple idea of being perfect though, that drives him. Unlike his mentor the prosecutor Manfred Von Karma, Edgeworth has convinced himself that by getting all guilty verdicts, any innocent verdicts will be mere technicalities. Criminals cannot be allowed to get away, and who can really say whether someone is innocent or not.

Phoenix Wright meets his friend in court after nearly a lifetime to see the boy, who idolized his father, an attorney, who wanted to be just like him, as a cold hearted prosecutor. Phoenix Wright’s journey in the first game is about more than just being a worthy lawyer, he wants to save his friend from his suffering. Edgeworth uses his normal tactics but finds himself defeated twice. One of these times he even prevents a guilty verdict after realizing that the true criminal was about to get away. It is clear that he recognizes that the defendants were actually innocent. This however, starts Edgeworth questioning himself. But before he can think too much he is summoned to Gourd Lake by a man who he hoped never to meet again.

Soon, he is in the defendant’s chair and the memories of the case, DL-6, the case that his father was the murder victim, are coming back. The dreams he has been trying to forget and suppress, in which, he believes he accidentally killed his father. Edgeworth is reluctant to have Phoenix help, at some level, he wants to be punished. He knows he will be found guilty, as his former mentor, will be his prosecutor. However, his childhood friend is stubborn and refuses to allow him to push him away. To Edgeworth’s surprise, not only does Wright prove a worthy defender, with a bit of luck, but he ends up proving him innocent. However, he refuses to let it go and after a conversation with Von Karma, he wants to be put on trial for the accidental murder of his father. When Phoenix Wright decides to defend him again, he is flabbergasted. Doesn’t Wright realize that he is the sole witness and provider of testimony. It is a confession and isn’t worthy of cross examination. But the dream is just a dream and Phoenix, using evidence is able to prove that Edgeworth didn’t actually kill his father. Furthermore he ends up identifying the perpetrator in typical over the top Ace Attorney fashion.

Edgeworth ends up leaving the prosecutor’s office to do some soul searching but he fakes his own suicide and his childhood friend, Phoenix Wright, is heartbroken. Edgeworth returns to stand as the prosecutor for the Matt Engarde case and appears to be changed. In fact he is a changed man. He has found his answer and he wants to help Phoenix find his. Now it is time to save Phoenix Wright. What does it mean to be a lawyer and what does it mean to be a prosecutor. The two establish their trust through a heated trial and working together are able to win the day. Wright is defeated and Engarde is declared guilty. But it was still the right outcome.

It is more complicated than that but I will come back to it in a later blog post.


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