Dias de los Muertos: Domingo part 2

Author’s Note

If you are enjoying this mini series so far, please leave a review and any sort of criticism you feel my stories deserve. Currently one of my stories has a rough draft out on my blog. Sabado is out but will be edited and modified and if you want to help me make the story better please leave comments and let me know what you feel the strengths and weaknesses of the story are. I am very open to any and all criticism. I have my own vision for where I want to go with these stories but I think as I’ve gotten older I’ve understood better the importance of group help. Also a quick note, for those readers who are female, I am struggling to write in a believable adult female POV, and so I apologize if this entry is a bit unrealistic. I recommend any female readers give me any advice they can for writing from the female perspective. As an adult white male, I have my shortcomings with writing from other points of view but I want to learn. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy the second part of Dias de los Muertos: Domingo.


August 1st, 2054

My love,

It has been ages since I last heard from you and the last letter I received has been all that has kept me going. I had trouble getting this sent as the couriers here are being difficult. The Anglian militia is very observant, almost as observant as you. They seem to prevent any undesirable correspondence out of Delhi. The Anglian militias weren’t as common here before you left but have gotten out of hand. Our leaders are struggling to prevent uprisings and resources are scarce. Teaching used to be my only escape but now it feels hollow. The children no longer come to class and I cry every evening thinking of our children. I miss them so much my love. I miss you as well. Why haven’t you written as much? Javier was the best courier and the most reliable. He was a bit careless but nobody was as reliable in delivering undesirable correspondence. I mustn’t write anymore, my energy is lower and without water there is little point. I hope that I hear from you before I am gone. I dream of you every evening. Please, don’t take any unnecessary risks.

I love you,



मुझे पासवर्ड मिला यह आपको हमारी बेटी को बचाने में मदद करेगा।

mujhe paasavard mila yah aapako hamaaree betee ko bachaane mein madad karega.


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