Ace Attorney: My favorite characters

The Ace Attorney series immediately won me over with its brilliant music and engrossing storyline. But without the crazy and memorable characters the series wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable. Each character is incredibly odd and fleshed out and some even have their own theme music. Here are my top ten overall characters in the Ace Attorney series. I will be including every entry including the side series starring Miles Edgeworth. My only rules are:

  • The character has to make an impact on me, as the player, and I must be able to at least explain briefly why
  • Limit the number of main characters, otherwise it would be too easy

10. Detective Bobby Fullbright (Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies)

Bobby Fullbright was immediately a hit with me due to his jazzy theme music and over the top behavior. He was as bumbling as Dick Gumshoe but was a lot more overbearing and adorable. Appearing as the main homicide detective for the 5th game in the main series, Bobby Fullbright had the honor of being the head detective during the dark days of the law and having a personal relationship with the felon/Prosecutor Simon Blackquill. He also ended up being more than met the eye. I won’t spoil it but there are few times in the series that I have been surprised but this was one of the few times that I was.

9. Lotta Hart (AA1, AA2, AAI2)

Crack investigative journalist and all around Southern belle, Lotta Hart is one of the witnesses you will learn to like a bit more. I enjoyed the theme that played whenever we talked to her but it wasn’t necessarily her main theme so I’m not sure if it counts. I just really like her tough gal attitude and how she genuinely is a good person who gets caught up in the moment. That and the red headed afro is pretty funny. She first appears in the four case of the first game and ends up having to be a witness for Manfred Von Karma, which can’t have been easy. She reappears in Justice for all and even in the second Edgeworth game. I personally liked her and her spunky attitude. She isn’t as memorable as Bobby, but she does appear more and I have grown to really like her.

8. Adrian Andrews (AA2, AA3)

Probably one of the most complex characters and one of the saddest in the entire series. Adrian Andrews appears in the best case of the original trilogy as a witness. She is the defendant, Matt Engarde’s manager, but is actually also a possible perpetrator. Her backstory includes some heavy issues such as depression and suicide attempts, but she is truly one of the most human of all the characters. Ironically, you really feel for her and as the lawyer you end up being the bad guy for once. I really enjoyed the fact that no matter what happened with her, she was a more complex character.

7. Detective Dick Gumshoe (AA1, AA2,AA3, AA4, AAI,AAI2)

My favorite detective of the bunch and the most earnest guy ever. Dick Gumshoe is the homicide detective for the first three main games and briefly appears in a flashback case in AA4. Hardworking, but bumbling, his relationship with Edgeworth is actually really heartwarming. He seems to really care about him and once you learn about how they met, it is actually far funnier. Despite the icey demeanor of Edgeworth, Gumshoe always has his back. He is easily one of the most fun characters and I miss him being the main detective. The replacement, Ema Skye, is simply not the same. It might be that he has been around longer and he has grown on me, but I really love the dude.

6. Apollo Justice Ace Attorney (AA4, AA5, AA6)

Phoenix Wright’s protege, took a while to grow on me. He wasn’t even the main character of the game that had his name in the title, but his character development over the following two games, has given me a great appreciation for him. The theme of the passing of the torch to the next generation was really moving to me and Apollo’s character arc went better without him being in the title. First appearing in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the plucky youngster would help Phoenix Wright regain his badge, (long story) and would end up being the first of Phoenix’s proteges. Officially his arc ended with AA6 and what a great ending it was. Honestly, it was moving and I feel so proud of the dude. Honestly, he has a great arc and for those who have already dismissed him, I would say, play the last two most recent games then get back to me.

5. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney (AA1, AA2, AA3, AA4, AA5, AA6)

His arc ended after the third game but apparently he is still around tutoring the next generation. He is also a father now. He has been with me the entire game series and I can’t help liking him. However, he is not worthy of being any higher on here due to him not really being as memorable as some others.

4. Kristoph Gavin (AA4) This is one lawyer you love to hate. He is Apollo’s mentor and the engineer of the dark time for Phoenix Wright. He is conniving and annoying but he is also very memorable. He is the villain of the Apollo Justice game and is well worthy of it.

3. Maya Fey Spirit Medium (AA1, AA2, AA3, AA6)

Best ace assistant and best girl in the series. Phoenix’s plucky assistant and master of the Kurain channeling technique is the lifeblood of the Wright and Co Law Office. She is the energy and the heart that keeps Phoenix tethered. She is comedy gold and her conversations about step ladders are the best weird joke in the series.

2. Diego Armando Attorney/ Prosecutor (AA3)

Former attorney, risen from the depths of hell to battle Wright, the enigmatic Godot(Diego Armando) was Phoenix’s mentor’s former lover. Being Phoenix’s final obstacle to becoming a real lawyer with the confidence to stand in court on his own, the final boss for the third game is also the final boss. As a prosecutor he is cool and collected and loves coffee. He always seems to have control and is fairly tough to beat. However, he only appears to prosecute when Phoenix is the lawyer. He has beef with Nick and will do what he can to make him unhappy. His backstory is one of the best and is intertwined with the entire Fey clan and Phoenix. In order to save Maya, himself and Godot, Phoenix must unravel the truth to set not only everyone he cares about free from their own locks on their hearts, but himself as well. Godot’s theme is also great and sounds wonderful as jazz.

  1. Miles Edgeworth Prolific Prosecutor: (AA1,AA2,AA3,AAI,AAI2,AA5,AA6)

My favorite character is Phoenix’s childhood friend and his greatest rival. Edgey’s backstory involves a father whom he idolized, who happened to be a lawyer, being killed in a courthouse earthquake. Phoenix saves Edgeworth from himself in the fourth case in the first game and actually gets Edgeworth to challenge himself on what does it mean fro him to be a prosecutor. In his own series, Edgeworth also tries to come to grips with his own father’s legacy and whether or not he wants to be a prosecutor or not. He became one because of his intense desire to punish criminals. But partly it was also to punish himself. He had been having nightmares in which he believed he murdered his own father by accident. He blames himself but Phoenix saves him, even when he doesn’t trust himself. His arc is easily the best in the first trilogy and while he never really loosens up, he learns to trust others and even becomes the head of the Prosecutors office in the current era.


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