Dias De Los Muertos: Domingo part 1


June 21, 2054

My Darling,

Every day that I remain away from you is a horror beyond anything that I could possibly have predicted. I said I was willing to go to any lengths to procure the cure for you and I meant it, but the strain of being away from you and the children is already starting to get to me. The hot zone is nearly impossible to be in for any length of time but my CO seems to think that the terrorist cells are hiding there. It makes no sense. This area has been uninhabitable since the Great Burning. I cannot imagine what it must have been like to live through those times. As you know I am not a citizen of Anglia, and I rebel against the very notion of it. I wouldn’t be allowed to be with you if I was, my love.

As a scientist, I am privy to much information that the grunts are not, but still it is agonizing to be so close the hot zone. The slums that we are near are full of such suffering and many people die in front of me every day. I am not allowed to aid them. It is maddening. I feel an obligation to help them and yet can do nothing. You know why and I know why. I cannot write what I would most like to write in these letters for the simple reason that it is only important to the two of us.

As you must know, this job has two main purposes, one is to help track down the stolen contraband and of course, to share the new technology that I had been working on. I am loathe to do either of them as I fear for what the Anglian reprobates will do with it. What is there left for them? They already subjugate the continent to their will. Is it the fickle dream of conquering the greater Asiatic continent. We don’t even know if they are doing any better. My coworker, Dr. Maslow (whose name is a gross insult to the legacy of Maslow), is a corporate dog, only interested in lining his pockets and enjoying the high life in the technologically advanced and protected mega cities. He is a cruel man but he could be anyone’s son.

Jack Maslow is tall and lanky, but his eyes are always sparkling and he seems to have a way with other people. You wouldn’t know his cruelty unless you worked with him without other people around. The mask comes off and his sparkling eyes become sadistic and cunning. He begins to sneer more and can monologue like a Shakespearean villain.  He believes in the Anglian theory of genetic superiority and is a proponent of the engineering of the best human beings genetically speaking. He also can do it  and has been doing it for a long time. Despite my experiences, I had no concept of how far they had come in that regard. But I best not talk too much about it. Just know that I will be back to you as soon as I can.

Love always

Ken Li Martinez


Θα σώσει το παιδί μας και εσύ. Η αγάπη μου θα δούμε ξανά πολύ σύντομα. Τα μέλη της διμοιρίας μου δεν είναι τα πιο σοφή. Η ομιλία στα ελληνικά ήταν μια καλή ιδέα. Παρά τους φόβους μου, οι άντρες εδώ δεν είναι λόγιοι. Και πάλι η αγάπη μου είχε δίκιο.

Tha sósei to paidí mas kai esý. I agápi mou tha doúme xaná polý sýntoma. Ta méli tis dimoirías mou den eínai ta pio sofí. I omilía sta elliniká ítan mia kalí idéa. Pará tous fóvous mou, oi ántres edó den eínai lógioi. Kai páli i agápi mou eíche díkio.


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