Shade Rants: Trigger Warnings

I hear a lot of people bemoaning the shutting down of speech or the epidemic of people getting overly offended over nothing. I’ve been to college and I’ve been a lefty for as long as I can remember. Even before I knew much about politics  I never was as concerned about the plight of conservative thought on campus or the epidemic of social justice warriors. I always was quite hostile to the argument, as it seemed to not only be dishonest but was an excuse to be rude. Free speech is often an excuse to be able to voice your most disgusting opinions without pushback. It is unfortunate that elites have used race relations as a cudgel to pummel leftist economic policy, as it only empowers the parts of the left who feel that we mustn’t talk about these issues as much. I think the whole anti-sjw stuff is dumb and is not important. It is disgusting and is simply a way to bemoan the change in what is acceptable societally speaking. Considering the lack of economic power and societal power most people have, the social stigma from awful policies and worldviews is the only disinfectant available. The right wing has never had to worry about not being able to speak. The more they get push back the more they speak. In fact, despite the stigma, the right wing is always able to speak their mind and get their ideas out. Right wingers are not disenfranchised on college campuses. Now the cultural issues are hot button topics but the right always has the ability to fight it and certainly can make a living off of it. Left wingers simply do not have the money to do what the right does. The right wing hysteria over being unable to disagree on whether certain people should be given basic human rights without being called bigots is ridiculous. They only whine because it works and gets them attention. The left whining is never given the same credence. Only the right is allowed to whine and be disgusting. The left must always be reaching out and watching their language. The double standard is ridiculous and those on the left who think that political correctness is a problem overall are being too kind to the right. There is a sort of political correctness amongst the elites that is far more toxic. But it is more of an inability to call horrendous acts and opinions for what they are. The need to be polite all the time and the fear of retribution from right wing fanatics means they can never show any sort of favoritism. Often, this ends up being slanted right as the corporate media already has a reason to be slanted towards their corporate owners and their advertisers. It is merely a fear mongering tactic of the right in order to get a handicap. I say being polite in regular society is good but the media often sugarcoats horrendous acts in order to protect the powerful. That is more of a problem than any college blue haired feminist.


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