Thesis Inspiration Part 3

I would like to summarize so far what I admire about the people whom I have discussed so far and what that might tell me about myself, if I was the client. I admire the resolve and courage of Severus Snape. I recognize the flaws and how difficult his life was and even part of me still dislikes him. But he was the kind of teacher you don’t want but the kind of teacher you need. He taught me things regardless of whether I wanted it. He taught me that sometimes, we don’t get what we want or what we think we deserve. Sometimes we don’t even receive recognition that we can see. Snape died as a traitor and the only person who presumably knew the truth for a while, was the son of his former enemy and of the women he loved. It was part tragic comedy and part moving. Snape is remembered by the reader and presumably by Harry’s closest friends and family, but he isn’t remembered fondly by the magical world, as far as I know. He died only having an impact on certain people’s lives. Sometimes that is enough. Snape had a sad and lonely life but he did good. He taught and made a difference. He had Albus Dumbledore’s respect. I admire Snape because of his conviction and even because a part of me is also a bit obsessive and sad. I am a bit self-centered and cruel. I am a bit lonely and arrogant. I think we all partially feel for Snape when he is tormented by bullies. We know what he becomes and are even aware of his loyalties to the dark arts and yet we feel it. But even Dumbledore is not pristine. Dumbledore’s character is the apotheosis of the struggle of growing up. Dumbledore is fawned over by the wizarding world for most of the time we spend with Harry. Only after his death an the rise of the Death Eaters does the story come out. The story is even told by someone who we know is dishonest. The tragedy is that Harry while on the run is actually not sure about whether he believes it or not. Despite the great respect he had for the man, he is the one who is most suspicious and concerned about Dumbledore’s memory. The fact that there is truth in the book and it isn’t all lies are even more disheartening as we meet another member of the family. The background with the dark arts and even with a former Dark Lord, means that Harry is learning to see Dumbledore, as a man, and a flawed one. It is the losing of youthful pretenses about their idols. I admire the fact that Dumbledore is very flawed. But not the flaws by themselves, but how Dumbledore actually attempted to combat them head on and do good with his life. He mentions how he chose not to become Minister of Magic despite being asked to be it three times. He said to Harry in the astral King’s Cross that he had learned that he could not be trusted with power. He admits mistakes multiple times in the series and is able to reflect on them. I admire that willingness to admit mistakes. This is a man with notoriety and power. He is a man who is both teacher but also willing to show that he, is in the end, a human being. The final talk ends with Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore seeing each other as equals. More importantly it is Harry who sees Dumbledore as such. Dumbledore already had trusted in him in his own flawed way, and Harry had made a choice not to do what Dumbledore did and keep too many secrets. They learn from one another. I really value that. The question then is how do I take the things I admire and work on them? How do I also take the things that are different and figure out what is worth working on?


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