The Ban Hammer

Alex Jones was officially given the permanent ban on Twitter and I couldn’t be happier. I know many leftists are probably questioning me now on my integrity. After all, if they can ban him, can’t they ban my favorite outlets? Yes and they have always been able to do this. It doesn’t make it right or fair. I don’t enjoy using corporate power to take down crazy people but if nothing else, using the advertisers is the one democratic means we have to fight back. Advertisers decided who is able to have a platform. Some are propped up by conservative think tanks and most likely Alex Jones will find another outlet. Conservatives have an endless ability to fundraise over perceived censorship. In reality, the backlash is the free speech of those he has harmed. We used our free speech to throw him off a large platform. Alex will be able to use his site and probably can even survive off the InfoWars app. For those concerned that the censorship will gain him more followers, I disagree. The kind of people who would listen to him out of spite are not the kind of people we should be worried about catering to. They don’t care about actual political discussions or figuring out disagreements. Alex Jones doesn’t add anything useful to any discussion. He is mainly a person who generates outrage. He is a professional troll and the only way to deal with them is make them feel small and ignored. Being ignored is worse than being attacked for Alex Jones. The idea of him reaching fewer people is more frightening than actual gunfire. I say this is a good thing. He will have other platforms unfortunately but I think it is important that Twitter finally caved.


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