Muertos Update

Recently, I have gotten more views on my blog than I had any reason to expect. I am very glad that some people have read my stuff and especially if they liked it. Again I am open to any constructive criticism or feedback you have. You can comment on the blog or email me. The email is in the about me section of the blog. So, in case you didn’t know, Dias de los Muertos is meant to be a series of short stories dealing with modern issues with a horror spin. Each day of the week will be a different story.  Currently I am writing Sabado and it is just a little over half way done. When the last part is uploaded to the blog I will automatically be uploading a complete version of the all the parts into one post.  I enjoy this time of year and hope that I can complete my seven stories by Halloween. However, I am not so anxious that I will sacrifice quality for quantity. I would much rather write stories I feel good about then try to rush. This is why the current story is in parts. It gives me the ability to write in spurts. This might, of course, lead to plot holes and disjointed storytelling. This is why I would love any feedback at all. If you read it, please let me know what you liked and didn’t like. I consider every single story a rough draft on here. Perhaps you, the reader, can help me improve the overall quality. I like that idea. I think that the readers of this story are the key to a much stronger overall story. I hope you have enjoyed the writing so far and I look forward to releasing the full story. And to my Spanish speaking friends I apologize in advance if I butcher the language. I am not a native Spanish speaker and will do my best not to be insensitive to the language. Cheers fam and have a great weekend

-Shade the Storyteller.


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