Dias De las Muertos: Sabado parte uno

I am writing this in order to warn anybody who will listen. I know people will automatically assume I am a cuck or that I am someone who has turned my back on what makes the red pill community what it is but I don’t care. Even if there is only the slightest chance someone might heed this warning, it is necessary. I find it ironic that for all of my bluster and anger it took me until my life was in danger to figure out my mistakes. Like you all, I was a member of the red pill community. I was tired of being rejected by women and being in a gynocentric culture. What was wrong with being a white, heterosexual male, the more I thought about it the more angry I became. It is funny how just being aware of an idea can make you see the world differently.  I felt like the forums were the only place where I felt accepted and could be myself.  The red pill community was my family. We were the ones who had figured out the truth and that binded us together. It didn’t matter if people called us misogynist or thought we were monsters, they simply didn’t understand us or were unable to break free of cultural norms. We were family and this is why I was spending more and more time in the forums. I found that I was becoming more able to see clearly when I was exposed to the normie news and found myself becoming both angrier but also far more pleased with myself. I was special and I knew it. This is why when a friend of mine posted a link on the forum to the dark pill I was confused. My friend assured me it had nothing to do with anything that a blue piller might like. He was fairly nationalistic and racist, in hindsight and he joked about potential normies seeing the page where this pill was being sold and freaking out. The sheer amount of red pills on the page and lack of political correctness was surely going to make their heads explode. You understand that I am paraphrasing here, because the forum disappeared shortly before I went to write this. Also because, forum posts are largely not essays or diatribes. They can be, but normally only when owning the cuckservatives or the libtards, to use correct red pill lingo. The site itself was very old school, looking like it was from the earlier days of the internet. No competent graphic designer would have done this. It was simplistic and it had neon green letters superimposed on a black background. I had heard of the black pill community who idolized terrorists and were pure nihilists. I wasn’t quite there yet but the site intrigued me. There was a literal pill on offer from the site. The words said, do you want to become a literal sex machine with the body of a bodybuilder with none of the work required? At this point I was skeptical and a bit annoyed. Sure the background also had tons of pepe memes and other red pill staples, but this sounded like a scam. However, then a chat box opened. Immediately the text box said, Walter is typing. Here is a transcript of our conversation that I happened to have saved.

Walter: Hey there JoseKlansman92, what do you think of my site 😉

Me: Really crappy, what kind of normie shit is this

Walter: I like your attitude !!

Me: Don’t be a fag Walter what is this dark pill

Walter: Well first of all, you can’t access this site without an invite so you should feel lucky you were chosen

Me: Chosen? Who are you trying to fool?

Walter: Well let’s just say that these women slept with this dude after the pill

(Posted pics that I didn’t save, but the two women happened to be gorgeous and the dude was uglier than me)

Me: How on earth? What is this? How do I know this is real?

Walter: I can make sure that you understand the pics are real. Ask your friend, he’s good with computers no?

I at this point was excited. My friend who had invited me, was computer geek and a doxxer. He was real internet badass and he was good at knowing whether pictures were fake and even figure out the location and time pictures were taken. I checked with my friend and he told me exactly what I wanted to hear. He even showed me how he figured it out. I trusted him, and even now I believe that he was telling the truth. The pictures were real, and that makes my story even more horrifying from my perspective.

Part 1 end


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