As a person who has struggled with mental health issues and as a a straight man who doesn’t identify with the societal expectations of masculinity, I have been very conflicted lately. I personally value science, enlightenment era values, free speech, and equality. But it seems to me that too many people believe that equality is not rational. Getting along with other people and or any form of collective identity or action is irrational. Emotions and morality are not rational. But what does that even mean? I am not a perfect person and nobody is as far as I am concerned. But to prioritize rational thinking over emotions and human connections is, in my opinion, foolhardy. Emotions can drive motivation and help us endure a long hard fight to win a rational goal. Emotions are what prevents a human from acting purely rational all the time. Here I will use examples:

Human beings are mammals and are also, comparititively speaking, squishier and less able to defend themselves against other animals. Other mammals such as bears, wild cats, wolves, etc have shorter childhoods and generally are more able to take care of themselves far more quickly. Darwinian evolution shows how certain animals are able to last and learn. The most high functioning mammals though, are successful primarily because of their ability to problem solve, and work together. Human beings are primarily successful because of their group dynamic. The ability to use tools, work together and protect one another. Other animals shows similar ability. Cetaceans, like whales and dolphins rely on pods to take down other formidable prey. It is worth noting that the smaller whales are the ones who are the most likely to do this. Orcas especially, because they often hunt bigger prey together. Orcas are even able to kill other animals with malicious intent. A great white shark, despite all the evolutionary advantage is no match for a killer whale/orca. You know why, because they figured out how to kill them easily due to problem solving and teamwork. Evolutionarily speaking, mammals rely on each other. They are not pure killing intent and survival instinct. The ability to connect with each other and support each other is the reason humanity has endured. We have fucked up too much and this is true. I have more to say on this and next time I post I will be talking about the new atheist community and the dying skeptic community on social media. As an atheist,humanist, lefty, and human being i feel the need to write even if nobody reads.


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